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Fantastic Fantasy Moon Wallpaper Designs

Updated on November 20, 2014

Fantasy Wallpapers with Moons in Them

The moon is one of the more significant and compelling design elements used in fantasy art, and in this article we'll look at a gallery of wallpapers with the moon being a major part of the overall scene; and in some cases the star of the show.

In fantasy art there is a lot of leeway with the moon, as you can just about include any other character or theme with it and it works terrific.

An additional strength of the moon theme is it goes great with various colors and hues, as well as with misty clouds and reflections which add a nice touch to the visual experience.

Also significant is when considering moon art, it's not always the moon soaring around the earth that is what is portrayed, but a moon located in a different solar system and flying around a different planet. That allows for some great possibilities and images which generate wonder and beauty as we wonder where it is the artist was placing this moon and the world it is related to.

Some of these wallpapers of a moon and numerous other themes are among my favorites of all wallpapers I have seen, as they bridge a seemingly endless number of complementary images and characters which add to the mystical quality of the landscapes.

Alien Moons Landscape

This is one of those moon wallpapers that portray a look and feel of an alien world, as you look out upon the two moons being lit up by a sun that is apparently going down for the night on this unknown world.

Also fantastic are the rocks projecting up out of the unknown waters, as well as the nice little flicker of lightning on the left which can be seen in the midst of the thick clouds.

The reflection on the slightly wavy waters completes a terrific scene.

red moons fantasy wallpaper
red moons fantasy wallpaper | Source

Moon Wallpaper with Cannon

When first glancing at this unique wallpaper the immediate response is what exactly is this old-time cannon doing sitting on this world.

This is the type of cannon you would see in the civil war era, and since the worlds and moon surrounding this world confirm this is definitely not the earth we're looking at.

My thought is this is what makes fantasy art so amazingly compelling for those artists with good imaginations and skill which generate questions and appreciation concerning what is being seen.


Moon and Planet Reflecting on Water

In contrast to the first moon landscape wallpaper, this one is done in a completely different color; one that is just as fantastic to look at, even though the look is totally the opposite of the partial moons reflecting red.

The way the image include a small being or person walking in the water on the beach provides a sense of size and depth to the work.

Including the moon closeup looks great, as does the reddish planet which because it appears to be the size of the moon yet is further away, points to it being quite large.

Having the clouds meander across the front of the planet looks terrific, as do the thicker clouds surrounding it. The reflections of the moon and planet, along with the light, make this a really nice fantasy wallpaper.


Purple Castle and Moon Fantasy Landscape

Here is a nice use of the moon, which in the way it was designed to sit in the work, gives the sense it is hanging heavy upon the planet and the magnificent scene of a purple castle and waters.

The use of clouds in the picture are very effective because it give the sense of the castle sitting up in the sky, even though it is in fact sitting on land.

Using the purple and dark colors around the top and bottom of the art piece, broken up by the lighter clouds makes for a nice image. The purple castle sitting in the midst of it really makes for a magical look.


Ship at Sea with Moon Background

Using the colors with this moon and ship scene were very effective choices which created an awesome fantasy scene.

The tumultuous waves ahead of the ship as it attempts to navigate the waters look powerful, as does the sense that this moon is strongly affecting the events portrayed in the subject matter.

While the scenario is fantastic without a doubt, what really makes it work and bring it all together is the choice of colors and hues, which enhance the ship and treacherous waters as the moon casts its light on the struggle.

Since I like the inspiration afforded by wallpapers, this one speaks to me of the struggles and challenges of life and that we have to stay on course even when the going gets tough.

The moon and its effect, along with the light emanating from it, implies that even in the darkest times when outside forces are working against us there is always some light to help us see our way through it.


Fantasy Wallpaper Landscapes with Moons in Them

The place of moons in fantasy are is a very important one, specifically as it relates to creating a sense of wonder and alien landscapes which also seem to be populated with humans or things from the earth we can relate to.

That makes it seem these are worlds that have been discovered by some but only known by a few. In itself that is part of the wonder of fantasy art, as it makes one want to go out and explore the universe, or at least get a glimpse into its secrets.

Consequently, including fantasy moon and planet wallpapers on your computer and smaller screens keeps a sense of wonder and exploration in our minds as we face the practical challenges of the day.


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    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 2 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      These works are gorgeous.

    • Poetry3D profile image

      Tony 14 months ago from Australia

      I see that you are influenced by digital blasphemy, that is not a bad thing. After all he is the one who started me on my journey.

    • Marsha Musselman1 profile image

      Marsha Musselman 4 years ago from Michigan, USA

      Hi Makin,

      I'm curious from your bio what all you do to make money online as I'm sure it isn't just all the various and sundry hubs you write? Of course you have a lot of them, so I could be wrong about that.

      I found your pages since it appears that you peeked at one of my hubs, and I'm returning the favor, although I'm going a step farther by commenting. :)

      I see you have quite a few hubs about wallpapers. I thought at first that you were showing techniques about how to design these yourself on a program such as Photoshop or something similar. I see that you found a site with beautiful photography—digital or natural—used as wallpapers and made a hub surrounding specific attributes.

      I never thought of writing hubs in this manner before. Have you considered coming up with some of this type of thing yourself?

      I plan on checking out some of your other hubs in the near future. Happy hubbing!