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How to Make a Cupcake Stand

Updated on June 18, 2013

Make a Cupcake Stand on Your Own

Do you want to learn how to make a cupcake stand for a special event?

You can easily make your own custom stand to display your fancy cupcakes for a baby shower, birthday party as well as a wedding! The best part about making your own is that you can create your own design or a special theme tower to go with your cupcakes!

Get ready to craft.

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How to Make Your Own Cupcake Tower - A great tutorial

The below video is a good video but she has a long introduction. If you want to skip ahead the tutorial begins at 2:48.

You will need the following:

  • Cake Dummies or Styrofoam Blocks
  • Your choice of Satin Ribbon or fabric to decorate the cake dummies/styrofoam
  • 3 Cake boards in 12, 10 and 8 inches
  • Wrapping or decorative paper ( you can also leave it plain)
  • Extra strength glue stick and a hot glue gun
  • Straight pins
  • Ribbon to fit the width of your cake dummies or styrofoam blocks
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

You don't need to but you can glue the two sides of cake boards together to make the tower extra sturdy and thicker if desired. If you do this you will need a total of 6 cake boards (2 in each size) to make three tiers.

If you want more tiers then simply add more cake boards (bigger or smaller).

* Take wrapping paper and trace your boards and then cut the paper out and cover the board using the glue stick.

* Cover your cake dummies with your satin ribbon or a fabric of your choice perhaps. Use the straight pins to help you and then hot glue it when you have it set as you like it.

* Take the time to also cover the edges of your disks so they match your cake dummies as well.

You can use this method to make some very elaborate cupcake towers in any theme you want! Have fun with it!

Display a few on a stand

How to Make a 4 Tier Cupcake and Cake Stand Easily!

This video is just a shot of a very nice looking cupcake/cake stand that you can also make. If you want to make one just like this then use the same instructions as above but add on another tier and don't add the wrapping paper.

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How to Make a Cupcake Stand Tutorials - Check out even more fun tutorials below...

Building A Fancy Cupcake Stand - How To Do It...

This is a very fancy one that you can keep around much longer.

You need the following:

2 Drinking glasses in 6 inches and about 5 inches

3 glass plates (Large, medium and small)

A can of spray primer

A can of spray paint in your desired color

A strong glue/ epoxy to hold it all together (Tutorial uses Goop glue)

Do you want something a bit fancier than cardboard? Make your own cupcake stand by following this easy tutorial below.

First, you need to make sure all plates and glasses are clean by washing and drying it all. Squeeze glue onto the rim of glass and then place on the center of your largest plate.

Once in place you need to add more glue to the opposite end of the glass and then add your medium plate to this. Repeat to finish the top tier.

She then took the stand outside and sprayed with primer and then once dried sprayed her choice of paint onto it. It turned out lovely!

The only issue would be having food touch the paint itself. Always be sure to add some doilies or something to make sure your food does not come into contact with the paint.

Have fun!

Glass Plates to Make Your Own Fancy Cupcake Stand

You can also visit your local thrift shop for some plates to recycle and make your own stand. Get crafty!

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