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Finding Crochet Patterns for Boys

Updated on June 19, 2013
BASKET BABY by Beatricekillam DESCRIPTIONImage of cute baby sitting in a woven basket lined with a blanket
BASKET BABY by Beatricekillam DESCRIPTIONImage of cute baby sitting in a woven basket lined with a blanket | Source

crochet patterns for boys

Crochet is very versatile and patterns are available for most projects. However, crochet patterns for boys can be difficult to find. Crochet does not always look very masculine. However, providing one does not choose lacy and feminine stitches, patterns, and colours, some patterns, meant for girls are easily adapted for boys, for example, a plain child’s sweater can as easily be for a boy as it can for a girl. You can also make such a sweater more boyish by adding an appliqué, perhaps a dinosaur, Denis the Menace or other such decoration. Boy’s crochet patterns do exist and there are even free boys’ crochet patterns on the internet as well as patterns for sale.

There are several large crochet pattern directories on the internet, providing an invaluable resource for crocheters by gathering links to free crochet pattern in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (C.P.C.) are one such directory. C.P.C. have many useful links to free patterns in two sections, one for unisex kid’s clothing and one specifically for boys’ clothing. The unisex section includes links to patterns for sweaters, cardigans, slippers, winter clothing, and even fancy dress items. The Boys’ section includes links to sweatshirts, a dinosaur sweater, a sports hoodie, cowboy sweater, even a boy’s tool belt.

Lion Brand Yarns have several free crochet patterns suitable for boys from toys to clothing. The site also carries several children’s unisex patterns. The children’s snake and elephant socks would delight many a little boy. There are patterns for several sweaters, baby sets, Afghans and other items suitable for boys.

Some web pages carry free boys’ crochet patterns. Karen’s Variety carries a splendid free crochet pattern for a fedora and scarf set in boys and man’s sizes. Knitting and crochet carry a pattern for a boy’s sleeveless pullover. Hook, Yarn, and Needles, has a free crochet pattern for Ninja Fingerless gloves. A very useful pattern because boys often feel that mittens are babyish and that there is something ‘soppy’ in wearing gloves.

Ravelry is an online knitting and crochet community, which allows members access to free patterns. You have to join Ravelry and register an e mail address with them, but it is well worth doing so as it gives you access to the best free crochet pattern directory on the internet. Ravelry provides links to difficult to find patterns as well as patterns, which its designer members provide free. Ravelry has around a hundred free crochet patterns for boys, from babies to twelve years old.

If you are looking to buy patterns for boys, Ravelry has patterns for sale too. The major yarn companies also have details of retail patterns and your nearest retail outlet. You can also buy both new and second hand patterns on the major online auction sites. Charity shops, car boot and garage sales may have used patterns for sale, ignore old-fashioned pictures, when crocheted in modern yarns even vintage patterns can look as fashionable as any boy might wish.

Crochet patterns for boys’ items are less plentiful than other patterns, but, when you know where to find them, there are more than you might think there are. You can crochet masculine, handsome boys’ items.


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thank-you SaraDuggan for your kind comment. Crochet is not necessarily just for girls. Boys patterns do exist.

  • SaraDuggan profile image

    Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

    So glad you covered this topic - crochet patterns for boys. I think when people think of crochet they automatically thing frilly or lacy but crochet can be made for boys too.