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Finding Crochet Patterns for Weddings

Updated on October 25, 2015
BRIDE AND GROOM by Lisamarie DESCRIPTIONA bride and groom in wedding dress.
BRIDE AND GROOM by Lisamarie DESCRIPTIONA bride and groom in wedding dress. | Source

Crochet Wedding Patterns

Weddings are happy family occasions. Crocheters love to crochet for family occasions. The internet is a fantastic crocheting resource and there are many beautiful free crochet patterns for wedding items. Whether you are crocheting for someone else’s, or your own, wedding, you are sure to find the perfect pattern.


Crochet Wedding Items and Crochet Pattern Directory Sites

The large crochet pattern directories are always a good place to start looking free patterns. Crochet Pattern Central has numerous links to Wedding items. There are several crochet bridal bouquets, garters, bridal gloves, wedding favours, ring bearer’s pillows and much more. Imagine a crochet bridal bouquet, it could provide a beautiful physical memory of the wedding day.

Crochet Blogs For Crochet Wedding Patterns

Crochet blogs are another place to look free crochet patterns. You can crochet many things for a wedding, and Mom’s Love of Crochet has free patterns for a wedding cake topper, a bride’s headdress, wedding favours, and even a crochet photograph frame for that special wedding photograph amongst other beautiful items. Planet June’s free crochet rose pattern could make a lovely table decoration or a lasting bridal bouquet.

Free Crochet Wedding Patterns Yarn Websites

Many yarn companies supply free crochet patterns on their web sites. Lion Brand’s web site has a free pattern for an adorable amigurumi bunny bridal couple that could decorate a wedding cake in a novel way. Lion Brand’s amigurumi Two Peas in a Pod would make an amusing wedding keepsake or wedding souvenir.

Offline Sources For Crochet Wedding Patterns

There are many free crochet patterns for wedding items on the internet, but there are other places to find free crochet patterns. Perhaps you can borrow books containing crochet patterns at your local public lending library. Ask around amongst crochet friends perhaps someone has a pattern that (he or) she would lend you. You should not reject vintage crochet patterns, in the past, many wedding items were home made, rather than shop bought, and there are some very beautiful vintage patterns for wedding items.

More ideas for Crochet Wedding Items

Many Crochet communities allow their members access to free patterns. Other members are also very helpful in pointing one towards the required pattern. Ravelry is one such community, which has some gorgeous patterns including bride and groom lovebirds, wedding rabbits, and a super kitty Victorian wedding couple. There are also several bridal bags and flower girl baskets. Joining Ravelry is easy and free, you only need to provide an e mail address.

Free crochet patterns for wedding items abound on the internet. However, do not forget that ordinary patterns can easily be adapted for wedding use. Any suitable shawl pattern can make a bridal shawl providing you use the right colours. An evening dress pattern can be adapted to provide a stunning bridal gown pattern, using white or ivory coloured yarn can transform such an evening dress pattern completely. Any lacy bag, pouch, or coin purse can make a suitable bag for the bride to carry. Keep an open mind and consider all possibilities.

A Special Paid For Wedding Crochet Patterns

Rainbow Valley has a pattern for a seed pearl and lace bridal set, comprising matching garter, choker, ring pillow, horseshoe, and purse for sale at a very reasonable price. The horseshoe is particularly pretty. These would make an excellent gift for any bride and may even become family heirlooms.

Crochet Wedding Items Make Weddings Special

A wedding is a joyful family occasion. Crochet wedding items make the day all the more special. The crochet item that you make could indeed become a family heirloom, used for generations of family weddings. Whether you are crocheting for your own wedding or making gifts for friends or relatives, crochet items will make the wedding unique and memorable.


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  • Mercia Collins profile image

    Mercia Collins 5 years ago from United Kingdom

    Thank-you Rhelena. When I got married a few years ago, a dear friend sent me a beautifully crocheted horseshoe. I carried this at my wedding, and it now hangs near my computer. It made me write this hub.

  • Rhelena profile image

    Rhelena 5 years ago

    This will be very helpful for someone looking for wedding patterns. TFS!