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Finding Free Crochet Patterns for Bags

Updated on June 19, 2013
DAILY ARTICLE by Wizdata Daily Article-crochet hook
DAILY ARTICLE by Wizdata Daily Article-crochet hook | Source

Crochet bags are always fashionable. They are also, as with anything crocheted, very expensive to buy in a shop. Crochet bags make excellent shopping bags and help reduce the need to use plastic grocery bags. Some crochet bags can scrunch up in your vacation, or holiday, luggage, to use for beach days, souvenir shopping, or simply to use when you do not wish to carry a handbag. The internet provides a great store of free patterns for many items and you can crochet many bags using scrap yarn from your yarn stash, which makes your bag very inexpensive.

The large crochet pattern directories are very useful to crocheters, gathering links to wonderful free crochet patterns in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) has many links to crochet bag patterns of all different types, including one section devoted entirely to backpacks. The innovative and fun Sunshine Beach bag, shaped like a seaside pail or bucket, has room for your beach towel and pockets for your suntan lotion and other requisites. Little girls love to copy Mummy and have their own little bag. The Little Miss Two bag is just the right size for a storybook, The Peeps a Boo bag could carry anything that a young miss could require. CPC has links to patterns for marketing or grocery bags, gift bags, clothespin bags, shoulder bags, beach bags, and any bag for any possible purpose.

Many crochet pattern designers kindly make free patterns available on their web pages. Do remember to obey copyright law, if you want to tell a friend about the pattern give her the web link rather than the pattern itself. Some designers prescribe how you can use their patterns. Enfys has a lovely pattern for a useful bangle bag, in Both British and American crochet terminology. Tipnut has links to 20 imaginative bag patterns on her page.

The large Yarn companies offer free patterns on their web sites. Lion Brand Yarns has free patterns for various types of bags. The Amigurumi Bunny Basket would make a fun gift for a little girl or a handy container for Easter eggs. The child’s Blossom and Tulip purses could make a suitable bridesmaid’s accessory or just a bright and fun gift. The Fun in the Sun Bag would make you smile. The Evening Tote is elegant enough for any evening out. Lion Brand grade their free crochet patterns and there are many beginners’ and easy bag patterns.

Red Heart Yarns also has several bag patterns, including the pretty Crochet Ruffled Bag, and the practical Mesh market bag. The Ribbed Project Bag is a crocheters’ necessity. The imaginative Paisley Purse is very unusual. The Eco Shopping Bag would make an ideal easy project for beginners.

However, by far the best selection of free crochet patterns on the internet is available at Ravelry. Ravelry is an internet Knitting and crochet community, which provides members with access to free crochet patterns. It offer access to both links and patterns that designer community members post on the site and you will find patterns through Ravelry that you will find nowhere else on the net. The Bag in a Bag is a fun item. Ravelry even has a bassinette bag. The Cupcake Purse is a jolly affair. The excellent Spring Finger Puppets is a bag containing finger puppets. Ravelry have some truly imaginative and unusual patterns, including the Sunflower Tote and the Cinnamon Pass Snowflake Purse.

Making a crocheted bag for much less than shop prices becomes even cheaper, when you use free crochet patterns. There are many free crochet patterns for bags on the internet, once you know where to look. Crocheting a bag yourself means that you can personalize your bag, making it a special and unique accessory.


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