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Finding Free Crochet Patterns For Finger Puppets

Updated on October 19, 2015
HALLOWEEN FINGER PUPPETS by Mjp Girl's hand with halloween finger puppets (ghost, bat and dragon)
HALLOWEEN FINGER PUPPETS by Mjp Girl's hand with halloween finger puppets (ghost, bat and dragon) | Source

Crochet Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are excellent children’s toys. They are fun and encourage the imaginative play that educationalists believe to be the vital foundation stones for education and later schooling. They are also a good way to encourage reading and are extremely useful in pre-reading activities with tiny tots. They are a good way to illustrate stories and they encourage youngsters to invent their own stories and an excellent means to introduce drama and acting to children. They are a wonderful gift for a child who is unwell. Although finger puppets are a very expensive item to buy in the shops, they are not expensive to crochet. You can use yarn oddments remaining from past crochet projects and free patterns and thus, make them very cheap indeed. Finger puppets might also prove an excellent item to crochet for charity, as raffle or tombola prizes, to sell to raise money for charity or as a charitable gift for a needy child. They are ideal to make to place in a shoe box for victims of natural disaster, where a child may have lost all his or her toys, because they are small and do not require much room. Finger puppets are the ideal project to make for many occasions and they are quick and easy to crochet.

Crocheting finger puppets is fast, easy and fun. However, nervous or novice crocheters might care to see a video tutorial, which demonstrates how to make a pig finger puppet.

The large crochet pattern directories provide excellent service to crocheters in gathering many free pattern links in one place. Crochet Pattern Central (CPC) is a very comprehensive free crochet-pattern-directory website and has numerous free pattern links. The Baa Baa Black sheep finger puppet would be an excellent way to illustrate or act the famous nursery rhyme with little children. The boy and girl finger puppets would be useful in storytelling or reading for so many stories and rhymes. You could even crochet them in several colour combinations to adapt them to different books. There is a huge choice of finger puppets at CPC including cats and dogs, exotic animals, farmyard animals, Captain America, a witch and the incredible hulk. There are just so many imaginative finger puppet patterns that you may be spoiled for choice.

Various crochet blogs and web pages offer free patterns or links to readers. Inner Child Crochet offers several links and free patterns for finger puppets, Fairytale finger puppets, Pocket puppet pals, winter puppet pals and spring puppets. Deb’s Crafts offer some Halloween finger puppets. At crochet spot, there is a pattern for five different animal puppets. Moogly blog has a charming finger puppet pattern for a monkey. You may want insect finger puppets and you will find crochet patterns for a ladybug, butterfly, and spider.

Useful Sources for Free Finger Puppet Patterns

Many large yarn manufacturers’ web sites also offer free crochet patterns. Redheart Yarns imaginative and colourful four little finger puppets would delight young children. Lion Brand Yarns has five patterns, including a scarecrow, witch and ghost.

Ravelry is a large vibrant knitting and crochet community, which allows members access to patterns. You do have to register an e-mail address for Ravelry membership but it allows you access to an extensive links directory and to the free patterns, which designer members post at the site. You will find crochet patterns at Ravelry that you will not find elsewhere. Ravelry have 49 patterns, which include Iron Man, monkey, tiger, rabbit, and a penguin.

There are so many imaginative and innovative free patterns for finger patterns available to satisfy story and play needs. Finger puppets are quick and easy to make and a great way to use yarn oddments. If you also use free crochet patterns, your finger puppets could cost you nothing but time and a very small effort. Children enjoy playing with finger puppets and crocheters enjoy crocheting them. They also make colourful and economical items to crochet for charity. Finger puppets delight both children and crocheters and they make the world a more colourful and imaginative place.


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