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Finding Free Crochet Patterns For Pet Toys

Updated on October 19, 2015
CROCHETED DOLL WEARING BLUE by Jprescott A crocheted doll toy with blonde hair wearing a blue suit with a hood.
CROCHETED DOLL WEARING BLUE by Jprescott A crocheted doll toy with blonde hair wearing a blue suit with a hood. | Source
CROCHETED DOLL WEARING BLUE by Jprescott A crocheted doll toy with blonde hair wearing a blue suit with a hood.
CROCHETED DOLL WEARING BLUE by Jprescott A crocheted doll toy with blonde hair wearing a blue suit with a hood. | Source

Free Crochet Pet Toy Patterns

Pets need toys, but pet toys are ludicrously expensive in the shops. Crocheting pet toys is cheap, fun, and a brilliant way to use scrap yarn. If your pet has its own crochet toy, there is a chance that s/he will leave you to crochet in peace. Imaginative and innovative free crochet patterns for pets’ toys prove the ingenuity and inventiveness of pattern designers. By using a free pattern and scrap yarn, your pet toy need only cost your time and effort.

When crocheting a pet toy, crocheters should follow the safety rules that they would follow when crocheting babies’ toys. Do not use yarn that sheds fibres. Use safe, machine washable stuffing, your local yarn or craft shop will advise you as to the safest filling to use. Embroider features onto a toy, rather than attaching eyes etc that your pet may choke upon or swallow. Do join the pieces of your toy firmly, so that the seams, whether sewn or crocheted, do not come apart easily.

The internet’s large crochet pattern directories save crocheters time by gathering many pattern links in one place. Crochet Pattern Central, a very comprehensive crochet pattern directory, has many links to crochet pet toy patterns. The 'kittycat ball" would make an exciting indoor toy for a cat or a small dog. The dog-gone dog bone would make welcome a addition to any dog’s toy collection. Cats would prefer the catnip mouse, the Rollie cat toy, spider cat toy, goldfish cat toy or sunshine’s new toy. There are many links to wonderful pet toy patterns at Crochet Pattern Central, including one bird toy.

Crochet at Play has some excellent pet toy patterns, including the catnip catfish, octopus and ice cream toys.

Major yarn manufacturers’ web sites also offer free crochet patterns. Lion Brand Yarns offers several free crochet toy patterns. The amigurumi puppy could provide a comforting toy for a puppy or older dog. The amigurumi sardines cat toy could provide an amusing and fun toy for a discerning cat. The catnip mouse or goldfish toy would also prove excellent cat toys.

Crochet blogs and pattern designers’ web pages also offer free crochet patterns. Crochet Pattern bonanza has several cat toy patterns. The crochet toy chest also has links to cat toy patterns. Moogly Blog has ten dog toy patterns. A Crochet Toy Chest also has several cat toy patterns, which would also be suitable for small dogs.

Find More Crochet Pet Toy Patterns

Online crochet communities, besides being a great way for crocheters to interact, sometimes offer members free patterns and links, Ravelry is one such community. You have to join Ravelry, by registering an e-mail address, but membership gives you access to free crochet patterns that you will find nowhere else on the web. There are 100 free crochet pet toy patterns, at Ravelry, with pictures making choosing easier. Many would suit either dogs or cats. However, do remember that small toys and big dogs are not a good mixture.

Many children’s crochet toy patterns would make excellent pet toys. Amigurumi patterns could also make lovely pet toys. An amigurumi hotdog, hamburger, or sausage would make an amusing toy for a dog. Some cat toys, such as sunshine's new toy, would please small dogs. Some dogs and cats enjoy toys that squeak and you can buy squeakers from any good yarn or craft shop.

There is no need to buy ludicrously expensive pet toys, when you crochet. By using scrap yarn and free patterns, you can have fun crocheting your pet’s toy and feel virtuously smug, because you have been so economical. More importantly, you know that your toy will be safe because you know exactly how you made it. If your pet destroys the toy, you can easily make another. Pets are family members and deserve special toys. Your pet will love his, or her, new crochet toy.


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