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Fold over Clasps aka fold over magnetic clasps

Updated on November 5, 2014

Fold over clasps aka Fold over magnetic clasps or Simply Magnetic Clasps

This is a tutorial of Fold Over Magnetic Clasps, what they are, where to get them and most importantly, how to attach them! This design concept has been around for quite some time but jewelry designers are still impressed when they make the discovery of this wonderfully easy design to use and wear. There are many designs and colors available at the market today, to match any beading creation you may be working on.

Larger styled clasps are also offered, the dimensions are typically clearly stated, which can hold the weight of some of the largest jewelry designs. While, also offering many smaller designs for those more delicate beading projects.

All the clasps are lead free and are made up of mostly zinc based metal and rhodium plated, which will not tarnish or wear off. Base metal beads are an awesome way to make wonderful jewelry without a large price tag Each design is unique and serves it's purpose. Some beaders need a small clasp,some a larger, but we have covered over a vast range of the styles, with more in process. Not all clasps come in all the colors, but this clasp line is always a work in progress.

The fold over magnetic jewelry making clasps are not to be used with people with pacemakers and please check your local laws for the content requirement, as some do contain nickel. None of the styles are to be used for children's jewelry making, the clasps are small and we wouldn't want a child to swallow one! Some have larger magnets,which can be seen in the images on the website, giving the magnetic clasp it's extra strength! But if the jewelry making project is just a simple bead design with some small crystal bi-cones, a smaller clasp is in order, it will keep the "look" more dainty and the smaller designs still have great strength that is always needed to keep the jewelry in place. Keep in mind, smaller clasps are still, almost, an inch long, due to the fold over mechanism, it is impossible to get them much smaller and still have them work as great as they do.

Slider Beads

Be sure to check out some of our other hubs on various ways to use fold over clasps and 2 hole slider beads as well! back to the clasps..

How to attach fold over clasps with drilled holes

The drilled hole designs are for double strands

With the drilled hole designs, one can see that there is a small cut out in the back, this is used to house the crimp or knot, which is shown below with clear elastic stretch material, or a wire wrapping technique can be used as well. (Note: The wire wrapping was loose to show what was being done!) This allows the wearing of the piece of jewelry designed to be comfortable to the wearer.

Keep in mind the wire wrap was done loosely to show the wire and how it was done.

Attachment of a clasp with a loop on the back.

This style has the appearance of a double strand, however, it's a single strand clasp.

Here's another style that is available, this attachment style, which has the appearance of a 2 strand clasp, but on the back is actually a single loop, this gives it a wider base, which looks better when using the clasp with a larger design, but still being a single strand bead project. These are widely popular with chain mail bead designers. To attach, use a jump or split ring. Here's an example of this style of clasp, as pictures are worth 1000 words!

Maybe the fold over clasps aren't what you need... - So here are some suggestions for other great magnetic clasps!

Sometimes, the fold over clasps aren't what people need, so, I've added some other options that might work for your beading creation!

2 Loop design clasp also offers a unique design, there is only one at the moment, and it is only available in bright silver, but has 2 loops on each end, which would allow attachment for chain mail beading projects a little easier, although, we have many customers that use all the clasps,depending on their design, in chain mail, as the drilled hole designs could be put on with split rings and the loop designs work well for this style as well.. Here's a picture of the 2 loop design (part number 4181, which can be placed in the search engine at and it'll come right up, if it's in stock).

Be sure to add a dab of glue to elastic when using the knot technique

Here's an image of elastic being knotted in the back, a little dab of glue is recommended to ensure the know doesn't come undone!

Clasps for heavier beading designs

Sometimes we need STRGENTH!

And, of course, there is one more design that is unique and so beautiful, but it is one of the larger designs and doesn't work with every beading project, but can handle the weight of many stone projects, or things that end up being quite heavy in the end. I just had to pick this one out of the crowd to show off!!


How to crimp using a single/muti strand clasp

This technique could be used on all of our designs!

This style offers a single strand option, but again, it also offers an option to have multiple strands to be used and crimped onto the one strand clasp with ease. In this example, the crimp is on the loop style fold over magnetic clasp, but one could crimp in our drilled 2 hole designs too, although, we don't have an image of that, but an experienced beader could easily do this. And, split rings, again, can be used on many of our designs for attachment as stated before. Maybe that will be something to add later.

Was attaching fold over clasps images helpful?

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eBay items we have posted

Occasionally we will post items to ebay as well as the site! We used to have a store and are working on figuring out how to manage all that once again!

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    • KireinaJeweller1 profile image

      KireinaJeweller1 6 years ago

      Cool lense. l am thinking about using these clasps in the future.

    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 6 years ago from Valencia, California

      Nice lens

    • TTMall profile image

      TTMall 6 years ago

      very interesting lens!

    • intermarks profile image

      intermarks 6 years ago

      These fold over magnetic clasp looks really nice, it gives me the Balinese kind of feel.

    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 6 years ago from Washington KS

      OH how creative you are!! I imagine your jewelry is beautiful.

      I'm not one bit creative in this way, but enjoyed reading your lens.

      Good luck with your business.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Interesting idea, very good lens!


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