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Food Pop Up Cards

Updated on September 22, 2014
Tea shop pop up card - see below for details
Tea shop pop up card - see below for details

Food, glorious food pop up cards to make or buy

Okay. Put up your hand if you like food. And I'm not just talking about the good-for-you kind of food. In fact when it comes to greeting cards, even the yummy unhealthy variety is acceptable - especially when it pops out at you from the middle of the card. Yum. Cupcakes, chocolate, cake, cup of tea, and more.

And of course food suits many occasions, from birthdays to Valentine's Day to mother's day to weddings.

On this page you'll find a number of amazing food pop up greeting cards which you can make yourself. But I am also including several delicious cards which come ready-made if you don't want to make your own.

Make Your Own Food Pop Up Cards

Printable Teacup Pop-Up Cards

Click thumbnail to view full-size
mixed floral teacuppink peonies and butterflies teacuppink roses and bows teacupcream roses, spots and bows teacupmorning glory teacupcream roses and polka dots teacup
mixed floral teacup
mixed floral teacup
pink peonies and butterflies teacup
pink peonies and butterflies teacup
pink roses and bows teacup
pink roses and bows teacup
cream roses, spots and bows teacup
cream roses, spots and bows teacup
morning glory teacup
morning glory teacup
cream roses and polka dots teacup
cream roses and polka dots teacup

See the printable floral teacup card kits

These floral teacup cards are so delightful, the recipient is bound to keep it on display long after receiving it. These kits contain detailed instructions and the pages to print out on your own printer so that you can make your own version. Each card has a teacup, saucer, spoon, teabag, and pretty front.

The last picture in the thumbnails above shows the inside and also the front of the card. Click the thumbnails to see some of the designs available.

the tea shop pop up card
the tea shop pop up card

Chocolate, cupcakes, or a cup of tea anyone? A delicious card for anyone who likes food. Hmmm - I think that includes most people! This printable card looks complicated, but it is in fact quite easy.

Buy tea shop card kit

Instructions for making more of your own pop up food cards


This is a “card-in-a-box” style of card featuring some delicious cupcakes, which folds flat for posting but which you can open up into a three dimensional box to display.


On this page, you'll find very brief instructions for making a card-in-a-box full of strawberries out of punches.

Birthday cake with candles

This is a page contains a printable birthday cake with 4 candles. The printable is only the outline, so you can decorate as you like with colored markers, ribbons, stickers, gems, etc.

Printable food cards for Valentine's Day

On this page you'll find several printable pop up cards featuring food - a sweets box, chocolate cake, and a box of chocolate. The way to his heart is through his stomach, right? Click on the thumbnail of the style you want to get to the download templates and instructions.

Printable white teacup

Plain white teacup saying "I LOVE MOM" for mother's day

Tiered birthday cake (or modify to make a wedding cake)

What sort of food should be featured in a greeting card?

See results

Ready-Made Pop Up Food Cards to Buy

If you don't have the time or the inclination to make your own pop up greeting card, there is a nice selection to choose from on Amazon, especially for those who like CAKE.

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