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Flowers: Use Fresh or Fake?

Updated on February 10, 2017

Head Wreath for a Wedding!

I made the head wreath in this photo from real carnations and baby's breath. (Do not duplicate or use this image, please, as it belongs to me.)
I made the head wreath in this photo from real carnations and baby's breath. (Do not duplicate or use this image, please, as it belongs to me.) | Source

Help me decide what is best--real or artificial flowers!

Fresh vs. Fake?

Would you use fresh or fake flowers for:

A wedding?

For a party?

For home décor?

Yes or No?

I gotta know right now!

Do you need a dashboard light to make up your mind about what kind of floral arrangement you would like to use?

There might be those out there that have a hard and fast opinion about this. My daughter is one of them--but she cannot grow anything and must buy her fresh blossoms. I, on the other hand, have some luck with flower gardening and can make an arrangement from branches and weeds. Mostly, I buy fresh flowers from Costco when I have a need (or just plain want) them.

So, if you have no allergies or phobias, please keep scrolling down to voice your opinion.

By the way, the image here is from my daughter's wedding--you may not be used in any way. Can you tell if the flowers on that adorable child's head are fresh or fake? Keep on reading to find out the answer!

Poll: Fresh vs. Fake - Real vs. Artificial Flowers--Participation is Required!

Burlap Flowers created by The Tidy Nest
Burlap Flowers created by The Tidy Nest

Everyone has an opinion. I bet you do or you would not be here reading this page about the pros and cons of using artificial or real flowers and plants.

If you have a reason for your preference, please add a comment after you vote. It is allowed, honest, MonkeyBrain! You will also see comments made by other visitors after you vote, too. As I said, we all have opinions. Feel free to express yours here and further down the page.

Remember to sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page as well. Thanks in advance for your participation.

The image of the burlap flowers used with permission from the blog The Tidy Nest; click that link for the tutorial and learn how to make these adorable flowers.

Real or Fake Flowers and Plants: which do you prefer to use or see?

See results

Real or Fake Sunflower?

Can you tell if this is a real or a fake sunflower?

Image from esper on Flickr.

Can you tell if that is a real or a fake sunflower?

Artificial flowers at a wedding?

Do you think it is unspeakable to use artificial flowers at a wedding? (or, would you even notice?)

Tips for Artificial Wedding Flowers - Can fake be formal?

Here are a few links that you will find handy when choosing artificial flowers for a wedding. Who knows, they might save you some money or add a unique look to your walk down the aisle.

Tips for using Real Flowers for a Wedding: - Can you save some money and still have real?

I discovered when my daughter got married a few years ago that I could actually save some money by purchasing some of the flowers myself! I did not have the confidence to make the bridal or bridesmaids bouquets, but I could make head-wreaths (see the image at the beginning of this page--that is one of the head-wreaths that I made!) and nosegays for the flower girls! So I did. I bought some baby's breath and carnations at Costco (you can actually talk to the floral supplier and order the flowers what you need at my Costco) and I made them! I learned a lot from the experience. For one thing, you can store the nosegays in your fridge to keep them fresh. Another tip form the experienced mom of the bridezilla: carnations last longer and they smell good, too! I saved over $100. I should have made the boutonnieres, too.

Debate: Is using artificial Flowers A "Faux Pas" at a Party or Family Get-together?

Here is a cute idea for a fake flower arrangement for your next party from Bird's Party Blog. Click the image to go to the tutorial:

Would you use fake greenery and blossoms to decorate at a party?

Would you put your fake foot forward in your home decorating! - Flowers and Greenery are ideal in your home décor.

My daughter is an interior designer (see her blog by clicking here!).

She only likes to use real or dried real flowers (like hydrangeas) in her home. How do you "dry" hydrangeas? Just cut them from the bush, put them in a vase without water. They dry on their own. If you want to dry them in the "traditional" way, gather a bunch, put a rubber band around the stems and hang them in a dark, dry place (hint: in a closet on a hanger). Over time they will dry out, usually retaining some color of the original.

Would you use good quality fake flowers or greenery in your own home for every day use?

Pros and Cons of Real vs. Fake Flowers in Home Décor:

There are others out there who care about whether you use real or fake flowers. Check out the following links to see what they are saying about this topic.

Real or Fake Flowers? Hmmmm

Real or Fake Flowers? Hmmmm
Real or Fake Flowers? Hmmmm

Let me know how you feel about this debate on "Hey MonkeyBrain!" Are you still for "fresh" over "fake" or vice versa?

Let me know. Oh, yes, please remember to rate my page. Thank you in advance.

(The sunflower is made of fabric!)

Did you feel one way about Fresh vs. Fake flowers before--- - and then changed your mind by reading this page?

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      FashionMommy 5 years ago

      Your flower designs are so cute. Depending on the occasion, one should give fresh flowers.