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Gifts for a Knitter's Library

Updated on December 15, 2014

Gift the Gift of a Knitting Book!

As a knitter, I love knitting books. There are many free knitting patterns available online, but some of the best patterns can be found in knitting books. Books make great gifts for knitters because the vivid pictures and fun patterns are great for inspiration when you are suffering from "knitters block."

Think generously, and find a knitting book that combines knitting with another hobby of the recipient. Or think selfishly, and give a book that contains a pattern you want for yourself! (The knitter in your life would love the suggestion.) Challenge your knitter with a new technique to take their craft to the next level.

Many of the knitting books highlighted in this lens are books that I have read myself. I spend a lot of time in my local library looking for the newest, hottest books.

Books that Expand the Knitting Craft

Does your knitter believe that he/she knows everything there is to know about knitting? Some of these nontraditional knitting books will open them up to new techniques.Taking knitting beyond an animal or plant fiber is really innovative.

I saw a beautiful pattern on Ravelry that involved pearls and knit gold and silver wire. The bracelet had an elegance to it that I would not expect to come from such a crafty place.

Pet Knitting Books

I don't yet own a dog, and I'm not sure if I am the kind of woman who would make her dog clothes... but there is no denying the fact that in the winter, some dogs shiver when they are outside for their walks. Why not make them a sweater for when they romp outside? Or what about a great holiday sweater that matches the one that your child is going to wear for the Christmas Card photo? (Just because I won't make my dog wear clothes all the time doesn't mean that I won't MAKE them and then subject the dog to photos!)

Knit One Below: One Stitch Many Fabrics. - My Favorite Knitting Book

This is my favorite knitting book of all time. I have two lenses dedicated to this book (one is a review, and the other is how to do the K1B technique.)

Holiday Knitting Books

I love the winter holidays because it is a great opportunity to showcase your knit objects on your body and around your home. I love reading holiday knitting books as much as I love designing holiday related patterns. Knitting is a hobby that oozes gift giving, since there are only so many hats and gloves you can wear at once! It is always nice to have inspiration for what you will give as gifts the next holiday season, and for this knitting books revolving around the holidays make fantastic gifts.

Specalized Knitting Books

These books are among my favorites in different categories. If you want to see a book of fun socks, or of classic style mittens and glove, or really fun innovative knit toys, these are the books to check out. Any toy pattern you can find can usually be produced on a miniature scale, making fantastic homemade Christmas ornaments. Knitting toys is a great way for someone to learn about knitting design, as when you are dealing with different 3D shapes you really begin to understand how shaping occurs. Just as every child loves discovering their new toy on Christmas morning, give some joy to the knitter in your life with these decadent books.


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