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Fantastic Gothic Fairies

Updated on March 8, 2013

Gothic Fairies

Fairies are really fun creatures to think about and look at, capturing the imagination of millions of people throughout the world.

Some people actually take their fairy lore very seriously, and in some parts of the world are considered to be not just legends, but very real.

In modern times, fairies are imagined as winged little creatures which are not too interested in interacting with humans. Historically the wings haven't in fact bee the major characteristic of fairies, as they mostly were pictured as being powered by magic, not a practical body part such as wings.

Depending on specific interests of people and artists, there is the inclination to interpret fairies based upon their outlook on life. With that in mind, we'll look at those who view life through a Gothic spectrum, and how they envision fairies.

Gothic Fairy Attributes

Goth fairy art, just like the lifestyle, is expressed in a variety of ways.

One similar characteristic is the environment included with the fairy tends to include a Gothic feel. Wings are also a little different than the usual fairy, although there are exceptions to that.

Another feature accompanying Gothic fairies is the choice of clothes they wear. There is definitely a Goth look in that regard, leaving no uncertainty as to what is being attempted to be portrayed.

We'll look at some of these wonderful Gothic fairy interpretations at this time.

Gothic Fairy and Moon

This first Gothic fairy has a lot going for it. First of all, she appears to be related to the bat family, as represented by the types of wings she has.

As with most Gothic fairy art, this particular fairy prefers the night or darker part of the day to be active.

The environment she's flying in also adds to the Gothic feel of the scene, as the gnarled trees, partial moon, and dark bird flying in the distance all combine to make a nice image.

Gothic Fairy with Two Sets of Wings

This Gothic fairy was very appealing to me because of the great color of the work. The blue hued background and complementary purple and lavender clothing worn by her, along with the tint of the wings, made for a really nice piece of artwork.

I also like what appears to be her performing some type of magical act. Did you notice her arm appearing to be sweeping, and the little things seeming to emerge from her fingers?

Although you can't tell here, many times in fairy art those are little lighted up dragonflies. Nice touch.

Gothic Fairy Playing Violin

This Gothic fairy was included because of how unique she was, along with the quality of the work.

What struck me was the many contrasts included in the work. You have the dark birds flying on the left of the piece, while on the right side the light from what appears to be the moon, and the lit up creatures flying around.

Also nice was the light color near where the wings attach to her body make the form a little easier to see. The sense I get is the playing of the violin is having some type of effect on the magical and regular creatures inhabiting the area.


Gothic Demon Fairy

As in all types of life, there is good and evil, and that's no different in the fairy world, as revealed by this demon fairy.

Those wings are magnificent, and the color of her dress really works in the persona being displayed. That skeleton of the bird she's holding in her hand says a lot about who and what she is.

To me it would have been better if there had been more included on the left side of the work. You have this fantastic picture of a demon fairy seeming to be placed in the midst of nothing.


Gothic Fairy Sitting

I really like this particular work. The detail is exquisite, and those butterfly wings very unique for a fairy. The background really adds to the overall scene, creating what appears to be a medieval period, or at least a building built during that time.

You almost get the sense when looking at the fairy that she is enjoying a whimsical moment with those little creatures flying around in front of her.

Gothic Fairy with Dragon

This is a fun fantasy depiction of a Gothic fairy with her pet dragon. Again, the background really adds to the overall Gothic look of the image, fitting in with the way the fairy is portrayed, as well as her little pet.

The colors flow nice here. They are very pleasing to the eye without interfering with the scene.


What I noticed about all of these artists and their interpretation and view of Gothic fairies, is they appeared all to be larger fairies, and not the little creatures we, in the modern times, think of.

That's actually not a contradiction when taking into account the history of fairies in the imagination of people, as for many centuries they were viewed as being larger than we today think of fairies as being.

Either way, these are a really nice gallery of fairy art work viewed through a Gothic lens.


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