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Great beginner sewing machine, Brother XL2600i

Updated on October 12, 2014

Brother XL2600i is a great beginner sewing machine

If you're looking for a great beginner sewing machine, consider a Brother XL2600i. It's got all the basic features and then some for less than $100.

Being a beginner, you probably don't want to spend a lot of money on a sewing machine until you find out how much you enjoy sewing. But you want a reliable machine that makes it easy to create all the projects you've been dreaming of. And it would be great to have a sewing machine that will grow with you as your skills and confidence increase.

Let's see why the Brother XL2600i is the perfect choice for a beginner sewing machine.

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Is this a good sewing machine for a beginner?

Yes, the Brother XL2600i is a great beginner sewing machine.

The Brother XL2600i sewing machine was designed for beginner sewing because it doesn't require a lot of adjustments. You only need to select the type of stitch, the stitch length and thread tension, by simply turning a dial. This may sound intimidating to a novice, but it's fairly easy and you'll get the hang of it in no time.

While this is a great sewing machine for beginners, more experienced users find that it suits their needs as well. It has some nice features like an automatic needle threader,

built-in thread cutter, drop-in bobbin and automatic bobbin winder.

It also has 25 stitches for utility and decorative sewing and quilting projects.

And my favorite feature is the automatic buttonholer. I think it's brilliant that all you have to do is put the button in this gadget and the machine automatically sews the right size buttonhole.

Great for beginners

"...I am happy to report that I have not yet found a project I could not do with this machine. It is easy to thread both the needle and the bobbin and rarely breaks a thread or catches. It has been a great machine to learn and grow on."---Melanie E. Rose,

Can the Brother XL2600i sew heavy fabrics?

Yes it can.

The Brother XL260i can sew heavy fabrics like denim, canvas, tweed, velvet and upholstery material. So you'll have no problems shortening a new pair of jeans, making blazers or whipping up some drapery panels. You just need the right size needle and the right thread. Refer to the manual for fabric, thread and needle combinations.

Pleasant surprise

"I'm just finishing up four elaborate Ottoman Ren-Faire costumes, complete with millinery and this machine has been SUCH a trooper! It managed to sew through layers of material and heavy upholstery bullion fringe and not break a needle. I made hats, turbans, used a bunch of the embroidering stitches---they were very pretty! Throughout all of it, the machine has been amazing. This is a great purchase!"---Coriolana,

How good could it be since it's so lightweight and inexpensive?

The Brother XL2600i is made to last for years.

This sewing machine is designed to be portable which is why it's so lightweight (only 11 pounds). Being lightweight doesn't indicate a lack of quality. Brother has backed this sewing machine with a 25 year limited warranty, so you can expect to get many years of service from it.

My favorite

"This is my favorite sewing machine. I've had one for 3 years and have never had any problems. Works great every time and I use it at least 3 times per week."---Jenny B.,

The drawbacks of the Brother XL2600i sewing machine

Even a great beginner sewing machine has some limitations

The main drawback of the XL2600i is that it does not have adjustable presser foot pressure. This could be a concern when sewing knits as sometimes too much pressure will the cause the fabric to stretch out.

Another minor point is that the stitch width only goes up to 4mm.

For a sewing machine that addresses these concerns, look into the limited edition Project Runway machine. It does have adjustable presser foot pressure, maximum stitch width of 7mm and a host of other goodies offered by a computerized machine for around $200.

Do you think the Brother XL2600i is a great beginner sewing machine? Thank you for your comments and questions.

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