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Gremlin on a White Pinstriped Jumpsuit

Updated on March 6, 2015

Somewhere in the vicinity

of the Redheaded Ball, or not, sat a doctor of sorts on a cube leaning on a wall, some thought to be the wall of a prison others the wall of a museum...

And here the man appeared to be in pain as if gripped by the tentacles of a gremlin sitting on his right shoulder and seizing that region of the upper body extending from the head through the shoulder blade and into the heart.

He was adorned in a white

pinstriped jumpsuit reminiscent of the togas of old but done over by Chanel with the added simplicity of a zipper for the modern fast paced wo-man who doesn't possess neither old school charm nor the training to drape classical fabrics over a shoulder blade...

But this was not any gremlin; It was a species of gremlin which made an appearance in a chapter of the Bible according to Chanel of which it was assumed by the learned members at the Redheaded Ball that s/he was the protagonist in a narrative that went something like this:

In days of old

barely a light shone in dark skies which went from black to grey to black again skipping the spectrum from green to blue to green again and then on to yellow, white, red and gold...

And among these three colours an infinite party of sailors made entries and exits in all manner of costumes bespeaking all manner of languages and performing all manner of dances, so that the "mind" could not make any sense of this cacophany, neither during that period which was supposed to be the day, nor that one which was supposed to be the night.


Then one day

an incision was made somewhere in the horizon and a new light entered the earth at a precise moment accompanied by an arrangement of the sailors along a line that came to be called a ratio at first and a logos at second...

Henceforth, because these sailors came arranged in an order, or, perhaps also because the entrant Lightning was accompanied by a woman named Mneme, a record of all their positions in the sky could be maintained by the gremlins who then populated the earth to a tune of about 2,000 members.

This inaugurated

the revolution of a pantheon in the sky which revolved in synchrony to the movements of a new race of giants on the earth who claimed to be from the sky in concert with one of the gremlins who saw them descend from there...

Now the only question that would have remained for the gremlins and the offspring from the giants who married them — once logos had made an appearance — was whether this narrative proper inhabited the mind in the sky or the body in the earth below...


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