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GSD Files

Updated on August 22, 2014

GSD Cutting Files

Downloadable GSD Files

A wonderful collection of GSD files for your electronic cutting machine. I have sorted these patterns into different categories to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. Find GSD format files for flowers, butterflies, birds, babies, ladies, men, and more. All the pictured items are created with GSD files available for purchase from craftsUprint.

Available from craftsUprint: twisted steampunk and roses gsd file.

The beautiful cards featured here will be suitable for a wide range of events and situations, ranging from birthdays, to Mother's Day, to Father's Day, to Christmas, to celebrating the birth of a new baby. Check the terms of service (TOS), as items made from many of these patterns are allowed to be sold at craft fairs if you'd like.

At the end of this article, I am also including some links to free GSD files for you to download.

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GSD Files For Cards

Ways to use these cutting files:

  1. Use the card cut-outs as is
  2. Cut the card out of two different colors then attach them together (possibly slightly out of alignment) to give a border to the cut edge
  3. Use the card cut out like a stained glass window, allowing other colored papers to show through the holes
  4. Use the card cut-out as a template and use chalks, paint, embossing powder etc to make a picture on another piece of card below (which could be used as is or placed behind a clean second card cut-out).

rose border

floral twist border

calla lily border

4 petal floral border





roses and swirls

planter and trellis

hydrangea flower

basket of flowers for mother

Border Cards

Some of the GSD file featured here will cut a border along one side of your card, leaving space for your own creativity. Ideas for using the blank area on border cards:

* leave it completely blank

* add a sentiment (on a label, handwritten, stamping, or stickers)

* add a photo or other picture

* add 3D elements (purchased, made with punches, quilling, or made with GSD files)

* add ribbons, buttons, faux pearls

butterfly and floral border

butterfly and floral border

over the edge butterfly card



butterfly card

butterfly card

butterfly and floral border


2 birds with flower

birds and roses

parrot over the edge

print and cut macaw

print and cut cockatoo

2 birds over the edge

set of 4 different birds






cute rabbit

horse head

running cat

elegant lady

lady's stiletto shoes

vintage golf lady

art deco lady

closet with clothes

Mom / Mum / Mam

art deco lady's portrait

It takes someone very special to be my mum



















3D Craft Projects with GSD Files





3D Special Keepsakes

These gorgeous 3d models would make stunning centerpieces for weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, or bridal showers. They would even make a unique gift for a special friend.






3D Wedding Decorations

Here is a series of decorations and table centerpieces which would be delightful for a wedding.




Free GSD Files

Free GSD Cutting Files to download

This is a fabulous site including card, 3d models, doilies, and more. Scroll down for links to different files to download.

Several free patterns here

Search down these blog posts for GSD FILE

Click on the links on the left hand side of the page for several different free GSD files.

Big collection of free cutting files - all the zipped files on this page contain the following formats: AI, DXF, GSD, JPG, SVG, and WCP.

Links checked Sep 2012

Which do you prefer - the cards or the 3D items?

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      Cards are adorable!