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Danny Hahlbohm - Christian Artist

Updated on August 20, 2014

Danny Hahlbohm: Christian art is about the beauty of God.

Danny Hahlbohm was born in New York, and served in the armed forces overseas. When he returned, he began painting, and selling his paintings. He is self taught as a painter. The painting "Footprints in the Sand" is well known. Even the mention of it by name calls forth the image for many people. He gained recognition quickly, and today, sells his art worldwide. Prints are widely available. He also sells art courses on how to do different techniques in paintings to paint things like clouds and waves on the sea, on DVD. He has been one of my favorite artists for a very long time because of the beauty of his images, and his sensitivity. Christians, above all others, should do beautiful art, to bring inspiration to the world, to bring the Gospel message, to uplift the spirit, and to glorify God.

The painting is "Lion of Judah"

A few small thumbnails of his images are used under the Fair Use Doctrine to educate the reader about Danny Hahlbohm's work.

Christian, Maritime, and Patriotic paintings

Hahlbohm concentrates on three subjects in his paintings: Christian art, maritime art, and patriotic images, consisting of paintings of American heroes: military, police, firemen. He has a wonderful painting in memory of the 9/11 atrocities.

The painting is "Forever in Our Hearts". It is located in the artist's patriotic gallery.

Artist's Statement

The artist says of himself: "We as artists have been given a rare and wonderful privilege. We have the opportunity in our lifetime to leave behind a legacy regarding the work we completed while down here on this earth. There is however a responsibility that goes along with that privilege. 'To whom much is given, much is required.'

"I personally have been given an additional responsibility in this gift as well, to use that blessing as a tool to encourage other Christians through their walk down here in this calling is to give comfort and encouragement to my brethren who are on the front lines returning wounded by the world daily. My work brings them renewed strength and courage to go back out there and continue to 'fight the good fight'."

The painting has the caption, "We are His precious children." Children are a frequent theme in Hahlbohm's paintings. Find the work by going to the first page of his Christian gallery.

Here is another painting commemorating the atrocity on 9/11. It is entitled, "God Bless America". The link leads to the image in his gallery.

Hahlbohm has done many paintings where the predominant colors are pastel blues and purples. This is a good example.

Maritime Painting

Here is an example of a maritime painting using pastel blues. This is part of one of his painting courses. You can find the first painting course here.

Painting Water

Danny Hahlbohm paints some of the most beautiful ocean water and breakers I have ever seen.

Combining Maritime and Christian Themes

Occasionally Hahlbohm combines the themes of Christ and ocean. This one is entitled "At the Helm". Christ protects sailors.

Illustrating a Parable

This one illustrates a parable by Christ telling of two builders, one of whom built on a rock and one of whom built on sand. The waves wash away the building built on sand, but the building on rock endures. We should build our faith on the Rock, which is Jesus.

This painting is entitled, "Wise and Foolish Builders".

American Heroes

This is an example of a painting from Hahlbohm's patriotic collection. It illustrates that sometimes he paints in vivid colors. This is a fireman rescuing a child. The title of the painting is "A Matter of Life and Breath".

Behold He Comes

Another brilliant full color painting, in poster size, illustrates Christ coming back to earth in glory. The banner reads, "Redemption". The Bible says Jesus will return on a white horse. The background is a nebula often called "God's Eye".

Diana Hahlbohm

Diana is Danny's wife. She is also an artist. She does wedding photography, paintings, and writes poetry. Here is a link to her web site:

Light of Eden.

Danny and Diana met because she is also an artist.

A Painting of Special Meaning

This particular painting has special meaning to me. Not only does it illustrate the welcome I expect to receive when I get to heaven, but it also represents a particular event in my life. I know a Christian missionary in Indonesia. One of the other missionaries that worked with him was a helicopter pilot. He developed a fatal illness rather early in life. During the period of grieving, I showed this painting to him, and he said, "This looks exactly like my friend!" He found comfort in the painting.

The painting is entitled, "Home at Last".

In the Garden
In the Garden

Danny's Web Sites

Danny Hahlbohm has two web sites that I know about. You can use Google to find a number of other sites where you can purchase his art.

Maritime art site

Inspired Art main web site.

I just find this painting very nourishing. It is called, "In the Garden".

Soli Deo Gloria.

Let me know if you like Danny Hahlbohm, or if you are inspired by his paintings.


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