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Featured Artist - Stephane Hette

Updated on August 20, 2014

About Stephane Hette

Stephane Hette is an artist on Art Limited. He's from France. He starts with a photograph, and then processes it to produce these gorgeous images. Sometimes he uses a chop on the image. I agree that his style is very Asian, so a chop is entirely appropriate.

No butterflies are harmed in making these images.

This image is titled "les 3 fleurs".

(Photo credits, Stephane Hette. Used with permission.)

Art Limited

Art Limited is a bilingual French/English art site. It is great fun, because artists either speak French or English, or both. People leave comments in either language. Initially, most of the artists spoke French, but now there are a lot of English-speaking artists as well. Much of the art has a decidedly French flair, and there is a lot of black and white photography. It would appear that M. Hette is no longer active there, but his gallery can still be viewed.

The image is entitled "calligraphy". The moth is an Atlas Moth, Attacus atlas.

Stephane Hette's artistic vision

M. Hette writes:

Photographie, art et science se confondent avec bonheur dans la magie procurée par l'observation de cet extraordinaire insecte, véritable univers à lui seul : le papillon.

Réalisé sans aucun trucage et uniquement sur des individus libres de leurs mouvements et vivants, ce voyage immobile sur les 5 continents, sans oublier votre jardin, mêle avec bonheur l'art de l'Ikebana, l'entomologie et la photographie, une incroyable odyssée poétique pleine de sensibilité et de surprises... Inclassable travail qui aura nécessité plus de 3 ans de patience, déjà récompensé par plusieurs prix internationaux "les ailes du désir", sont une à ode la nature et à sa fragile beauté.

When Photography, Art & Science are delightfully merging in Magic, the examination of Amazing Butterfly brings out the Universe in a nutshell.

Lively specimens are introduced to you without any gimmick like a quiet journey from your very own backyard throughout the five Continents.

This is one astonishing, moving & poetic Odyssey at the crossing of Ikebana art form, Entomology & Photography.

Such an unclassifiable output is the result of more than three years' meticulousness and was awarded several International Prizes.

The image is entitled "mimamoru".

Other subjects

M. Hette sometimes photographs other subjects. This is a dragonfly.

The image is titled "motor".

Stephane Hette's gallery

You can find Stephane Hette here: Profile.

Here are two of M. Hette's web sites:

Art of Butterfly

Acheter Photos

The image is entitled "limpidity". It is a Luna moth, Actias luna.

Les Ailes du Desir: The Wings of Desire

Exquisite Book by Stephane Hette

I have seen many, many of his images, and every single one of them is a work of art. He photographs the beautiful creatures of the earth, and then with his unique style, he turns them into something even more seriously artistic. God plus Stephane: an excellent collaboration!

M. Hette had a limited number of copies of his book still available when I last checked a couple of years ago. Check on his web site. There are also a couple of copies available on Amazon. If you really want a copy of the book, you should grab one, because it is unclear how available they will be in the future. I was fortunate to be able to acquire my own copy.

This site is for birds:

Stéphane Hette's Magical Birds

As you can see from the example on the right, he is using much the same technique and demonstrating the same style as with his butterfly pictures.

Caught in the act

One more image before I go...

This one is called "love on the flower".


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