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How You Can Clean Work Of Art Pictures - Oil Painting, Frame Gilt

Updated on May 16, 2014

Cleaning Maintenance Of Work Of Art

One way of the other you will have or might have been given work of art to use in decorating your home.

As time passes, this work of art pictures or the picture frames will gather dust, scratch or become dirty.

How do you clean art pictures? Is the question this hub will answer.

These are some of the art pictures that one can clean: oil painting pictures, prints, drawings, water-colors, work of art on paper and frames, scratches on picture frames, glass picture plus others.

Materials You Can Use In Cleaning Art Pictures

These are the cleaning materials you can have handy if you are planning to clean work of art pictures:

  • Brush or duster
  • cream furniture polish
  • cleaning clothe
  • white spirit
  • Cotton wool
  • Wax polish
  • Bread (to make bread ball)
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Gilt paint (not to be consumed, wash hand immediately after use)

How To Clean Work Of Art Picture Frames

  • If the picture frame is wooden, wipe it with a cleaning clothe that is squeezed out of a solution of warm detergent water.
  • After this, polish the picture frame with a small cream of furniture polish
  • Be careful while cleaning so that you do not touch the picture so as not to damage it
  • If you have ornate picture frame, dust it lightly as the beading may come off rather quickly when it is wet.

How To Clean Oil Paintings

  • If you have a valuable oil painting work of art, do not attempt to clean it yourself, seek the help of a restorer who is a professional in cleaning this type of pictures.
  • Use soft brush to brush off mould from the surface of the painting. Leave the painting in a dry and warm place for some weeks to dry out.
  • Always use clean duster or brush to dust the pictures as any unclean or greasy brush can grind the dust in and that can cause damage through condensation.
  • To brighten the surface of oil painting picture, use a thin film of cream furniture polish.
  • You can use a solution of 3ml 1/2 tsp of ammonia to a cup of cold water, apply this using a piece of cotton wool to wipe the painting. Then gently apply a small layer of wax polish and gently rub it.
  • Never use water or soap to clean any dirt or dust from oil painting art, as any speck can cause moisture, which in turn can damage the oil painting.

Work Of Art On Paper Cleaning

  • Get a bread ball (yes, the bread we eat), mould bread into a ball and use it to clean the surface in a stroking manner.
  • Avoid dragging the bread ball across the surface of the paper picture art
  • If there are bread crumbs left on the picture, use a paint brush to brush them away

Cleaning Work Of art Glass Picture

  • Use a solution of vinegar and water or simply warm water
  • Get a cotton wool
  • Dip the cotton wool in the vinegar solution and water
  • Wipe the work of art glass picture with the cotton wool

How To Touch Up Work Of Art Frame Scratches

  • Get gilt paint (please do not lick fingers as this paint is very dangerous)
  • You can get pots of gilt paint from any art and craft supplier
  • Paint the gilt frame with the gilt paint

Cleaning Water-Colors, Drawings And Paints

  • Water-color work of art is not so easy to clean by just anybody.
  • It is advisable that any water-color art should not touch water as the paint can fade out
  • You can use bread ball to rub the surface very gently to remove dust. Using bread ball to dust this work of art helps it to absorb dust with no damage to the paint or paper


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

      Thank you for passing by. Though some artwork will need a restorer to do it, in any case, we can all try a bit of cleaning some of the artwork ourselves.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Thanks for this advice. I'm someone scared to touch the surface of my artwork for fear I might harm them. But you've offered some great ideas. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

      Thanks Nell for your comment. There are so many little things we still have to learn to use in improving our homes without spending a fortune.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I always wanted to know how these professionals cleaned their paintings, this was interesting, but I must admit that using bread was something new! lol! rated up! cheers nell


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