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How To Draw Evil Wizard Video Tutorials

Updated on May 18, 2012

How To Draw Evil Wizard

Drawing an Evil Wizard has always been a top ten email request for awhile now and quite possibly this is the first of many possible variations of drawing bad Wizards. So we shall go through the drawing process of drawing an Evil Wizard from scratch and then inking the drawing to coloring it with some dark tone colors.

Curiously for whatever reason, Evil Wizards don't seem to have the long flowing grey/white beards that the good Wizards have. Instead they have the evil looking black beard goaty which spews evil instantly from their evil chin. And so below in the first drawing video I attempted to draw a Wizard based on an idea I had at one time. And this was just the top half of the Wizard with his arms raised like he was conjuring some kind of evil magic.

The sketch was achieved through my most favorite drawing pencils. Popper pencils! these are just another term for mechanical pencils really and they have about 9 lead points within their plastic tube and once one is blunt you just pop it through and replace with another one.

Inking The Evil Wizard

The inking process is usually a very straight forward process that involves a good fine tip ink pen. A gel ink pen was used and it provided some good results for this drawing tutorial. Some of the ink clogged, but this was to be expected and to be honest it created an unexpected effect of scratchy ink cross hatching. Also there were some textures on the Wizards clothing that needed to be separated from the rest. Most noticeable was the fur around the Wizards shoulders which was easy to pick out with quick ink strokes that were drawn quick and randomly.

It helps to add detail and dark areas that compliment each other and around the neck of the Wizard there are amulet necklaces which needed to be drawn out with a dark background of inkwork which worked quite well.

Inking The Evil Wizard

How To Color An Evil Wizard

Crayola is always my main choice for coloring my drawings and this Evil Wizard was no exception. Crayola coloring pencils are cheap and they produce quality results. Great for blending colors together. In the drawing video below I used a black pencil to lightly shade all of the dark robed areas which was later smoothed over with a white pencil which gave the cloak still a dark look which was what I wanted to achieve. Then I used an orange pencil for the skin tone, with a Red pencil lightly layered in and then again smoothed over with a white pencil. This created a quick natural skin tone.

Then flame colors were added above the Wizards right hand to look like magic appearing out of his hand and the highlights of yellow were applied on surrounding areas of the Wizards cloak/robe.

Crayola Coloring An Evil Wizard Drawing Video

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Drawing Wizards

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