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Turkey To Dress Craft

Updated on March 29, 2016
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Loraine, a retired volunteer elementary art teacher, shares art projects, favorite art blogs, and ideas on how to create art projects.

dress a turkey craft,
dress a turkey craft,

Dressing a Turkey With Style

Have you ever considered dressing a turkey as a classroom project? Dressing this turkey before Thanksgiving is an absolute necessity for his survival.I know if I were a turkey, this would not be my favorite time of year. Moreover, it could be the only "this time of year" that I would ever see.

Hoping to save a turkey or two this holiday, I asked the students how they would dress a turkey so it wouldn't look like a turkey.My fifth grade art students, feeling sorry for all the unwilling possible victims of the Thanksgiving table, helped their assigned turkey dress so they wouldn't be recognized as stuffing-worthy.

If you are looking for a fun project to do with the kids on Thanksgiving day, and you don't want to spend much time or money on it, try this, the kids will love camouflaging their own turkey.The following is the results of the students' efforts called, "I Ain't No Turkey."

Supplies Needed:

Turkey printed on tagboard (Pattern)

Colored markers or crayons

Scraps of colored construction paper


Ribbons, lace, buttons, beads, yarn, etc.

Glue stick, white glue, glue dots

9 inch by one and one half inch strips of cardboard

3 inch by one and one half inch strip of tagboard

9 inch by 2 inch strip of tagboard


Your Turkey

the pattern

Click on the word Pattern here, or in the supplies list above, to get the turkey pattern. Print the turkey on cardstock or tagboard to the give the turkey some stability.

Suggested Directions

or, do your own thing

1. Think of a disguise for your turkey. Some ideas are: Superman, jailbird, Santa. Use your imagination and ingenuity to come up with a disguise that will save your turkey from the oven.

2. Use crayons, markers, construction paper, etc. to make an outfit for the turkey. Use feathers, beads or whatever you need for the disguise.

3. Cut out the turkey leaving a small margin around the turkey.

4. Staple the 9 x 1 1/2 inch strip of cardboard to the back of the turkey. Glue the 3 " x 1 1/2 inch strip behind the feet of the turkey.

5. Cut two slits from the bottom of the turkey (about 1 1/2 inch from both ends and about an inch deep.

6. Staple the ends of the 9 x 2 inch strip of tagboard to form a circle. Cut two (1 inch) slits from the top of the ring. Slide the slits in the turkey through the slits in the ring to make the turkey stand.

Stay'n Alive - disco disguise


Dr. Dogood - doctor disguise

Bless You - nun disguise

Secret Agent - spy disguise

I Will Survive

© 2011 Loraine Brummer

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      seosmm 4 years ago

      Very nice lens!

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      myspace9 4 years ago

      Beautiful lens.

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      Takkhis 4 years ago

      Yeah, this is very helpful lens to me and to others.

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      OneHappyFeet 4 years ago

      made me smile

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      JoshK47 5 years ago

      What a cute idea! :)