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How to Make a Full Time Income Knitting

Updated on February 9, 2016

Open a webstore

This is one of the simplest things to do and you can start making money relatively quickly. There are several sites out there such as bonanza, ebay, etsy, and artfire that are all great starting places for beginners. All you have to do is make an account, add your paypal information and upload your items. You will want to keep your shop relatively well stocked and update it often to keep it high in the google search results.

The pros of this method are it's easy to use and does most of the work for you all you have to do is list your item. These sites are cheap or free and easy to set up and manage so you have more time to focus on crafting.

The downside, you don't have much creativity over your shop and the owners can shut it down when they please (though they rarely do that.) Also some of these sites make you pay a commission meaning you give them like 10% of your sale.

Build your own website

This one is a lot like the one listed above except you have much more control over how your tore is and you have no competition within your own site. You can do this through wordpress and host your site with bluehost which is very simple and the site walks you through all the steps to get set up. You day pay for your whole term up front but it equals to about 6$ a month which is very cheap for web hosting. You also can display your own ads on your site which further adds to your monetization. This is a great option for those of you getting serious about turning this into a career and plan on taking it to the next level.

Pros you get much more control over the deign and layout of your site, no competition and you can sell basically whatever you want.

The downside, it can be a little expensive to start paying for materials and web hosting. You also have to fix any problems that occur on your site. It takes a bit more time out of your day to manage and such as well.

Teach knitting classes

Many people now days are learning to knit as it introduces itself back into the pop culture we see many teens and young adults wishing to learn this craft. Teaching can be a fun and rewarding experience for those seasoned knitters and you can also get a nice amount of money for it. You can do this at a local rec center, or even post fliers and teach it in your own home. Some teachers I know have even rented out studio space to host classes. Often times for beginners they will charge 10$ per class and for the more advanced and longer classes 15-20$ per class. Now if you live in a small town this can be a difficult way to make a living though it can give you nice pocket change or vacation funds.

Pros, This is simply a fun and rewarding thing to do as I mentioned earlier. This can also be a good method to attract people to your store or website if you have one to purchase your items. This is very flexible and you can set your own hours and prices.

The downside is you have to live in a larger city in most cases to make a career out of using this method alone. You will have to rent a studio space or invite strangers into your home which can make some people uncomfortable.

Open a small brick and mortar shop

This is just a small locally owned business somewhere in the town you live in.You will need to aquire a business license and any other permits you need for your area. You will also need to find a place to rent a house your shop. Often times this isn't very hard as downtown areas often have vacancies. This is a risky way to do business though as you need to make sure you will have clients to pay the rent of your store.

Pros, you will own your own store and get to customize it however you please. This is great for busy towns and you will often receive a huge bonus in tourist seasons.

The downside, it can be a bit pricey. You will need to budget well and you could still go under if you have no sales. I suggest pairing this with a website and handing out business cards in your shop.


Commissions are where someone pays you to make a specific item. This can be a great business tactic paired with other items on this list. This can also work well if you post fliers at your local laundromats, restaurants, and any other places in your town you can post job listings. This ca n be a great way to earn pocket cash and paired with other items on this list can make you a good living especially in a larger town or city.

Pros, you get to try out new patterns and ideas. You can also charge extra for things being custom made and if done right you can get a lot more traffic to your store if you have one.

The downside, doing this method alone often times will not earn you a full time income. It can also take a lot of time as you will have to make or find patterns fitting to your customers needs.


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