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How to Make a Mold

Updated on June 25, 2013

Make a Plaster Mold

Do you want to learnhow to make a mold of something?

If you love to craft and make things and have come across something (like a frame or a small trinket) that you'd love to replicate for personal use then here is how to make an exact mold of that item!

I've actually made plenty of molds and it's not only a lot of fun but it can give you a great way to replicate a favorite item! When my sister got married, we gave out small souvenirs made out of plaster. They were very easy and fun to make. Follow along with the instructions below to make your own mold.

What You'll Need to Make a Mold

Choose Your Mold Making Kit

You Need

* Mold making kit

* A set of brushes to apply the layers

* The object you want a mold of

Mold Builder Liquid Latex Rubber 16oz/473ml
Mold Builder Liquid Latex Rubber 16oz/473ml

I've used mold builder before. You can find it in craft stores. It's very easy to work with, you just open it up and get ready to brush it on your item that you want to mold.


Great Video on How to Make a Mold

This tutorial takes you through the basic steps of making your own mold from pretty much any inanimate object.

First you need choose your item and then lay on top of a work space (like a piece of glass or maybe an old plate you won't need to use again. Make sure the object is not dusty or covered in debris. Make sure your mold won't move around while you're adding the layers of mold material. Use a glue gun to fasten your item to the base. It will come off later by simply pulling slowly.

Use your mold builder and then apply a single layer of the mixture to completely cover your object. A mold is basically made by covering the object with different layers repeatedly to make it thicker and stronger.

Allow your layer to dry before applying the next layer. This may take a while but be patient, because when you're done you'll have a beautiful mold!

Make Your Molds Come Out Better

Choose Your Mold Making Kit

It's a good idea to build a mold support or exterior shell to make your Mold Making easier. Your product will also look better as the mold itself is pretty flexible and doesn't offer a lot of support.

How to Make a Latex Mold - Great video!

This video shows you step by step instructions on mold making. The product they use is now discontinued but the steps are still the same.

Use Plaster of Paris for Your Mold Shell

Plaster of Paris to Make the Molds' Shell

Once you have your mold made, you can use plaster of paris to test your mold and find out how it will look. I like using this because it's fairly cheap and you can make a bunch of replicas with it.

What Do YOU Plan on Making a Mold of?

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