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Art Project: How to make a pottery vase or pitcher into a gideons lamp

Updated on August 9, 2012
Gideons Lamp
Gideons Lamp | Source

Make a Beautiful Gideons Lamp

This is a fun project for Cub scouts or Sunday School, first Grade or anywhere you have kids or adults who like crafts or a Bible story.
Turn a Green ware pitcher or a stoneware vase into a beautiful Lamp.

Things you will need:

Þ Either a greenware or stoneware pot of your choice.

Þ Little pot to hold the candle upright.

Þ Candle

Þ Drill

Þ Small Saw blade


1. Choose your Greenware Pot

Choose Green Ware Pottery (Unfired Ceramic)
or soft stoneware that can be drilled and cut.
Choose a pot or Vase that would make a nice decorative lamp and if it happens to be Green Ceramic (available at ceramic shops everywhere) You also have the option of choosing your color of Glaze.

Your local Ceramic Supply store should have what you need in stock but in case they do not have it, I have attached some Ebay auctions at right with keyword searches... Hopefully some of them will be useful Greenware perfectly fit for your use in this project.. If you do not see it there, Click one of them and then change the search criteria in Ebay... What you are looking for should pop right up. Use words like Pottery, Green Ceramic, Greenware, Stone ware, Urn, Stoneware etc.


2. Cutting the Hole

Take the Vase and secure it in your lap so that is does not get broken as you drill and cut it.

For Wet Green ware (unfired and undried ceramic) you may simply cut the hole with a butter knife.

Stoneware you will need to use a drill and Carbide Masonry bits... (Carefully with slow speed and light downward pressure.)
Also: Be carefull when using a drill not to hurt yourself in the process.

***My advice is to use Green ware so that you do not need to use a drill all. It's Much simpler and safer to just cut it with a plastic knife.


3. Remove the Plug

Once you have the desired shape drilled, Now remove the Plug.
If you want to you can use the Plug as a door by adding some pretty little brass hinges and a hasp.(Hobby shop or hardware item)

Now you may have the ceramic shop fire the vase to bisque.
After it has been fired the first time you may Glaze it to the colors of your choice.

If you are doing this project with soft stoneware skip to next step


4. Prepare the Candle

Use a little pot to hold the candle. This will keep the candle from tipping over so easy in the larger pot and make handling it much easier.

5. Insert Insert the Candle into the lamp... Admire your work!!!



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    • Liz Goltra profile image

      Liz Goltra 6 years ago

      Cool idea! Voted up. Thanks!