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How To Make A Vinyl Record Clock

Updated on December 2, 2015

Vintage Record Clocks

Bring to life an old record by making it into a clock. This is a fun and creative use for old records. They are simple and easy to make. This is also a perfect way of recycling records. You can make a record clock look plain, colorful or with a ripply look. Even though you can buy them already made why not make your own. It doesn't cost that much to do and takes about 15 minutes to put it together.

In this article we'll take a look at what supplies you need and instructions on how to make a record clock. There will be instructional video's to help you see visually on how to make a clock out of a record. Each one is a little different with great ideas. I like to see it visually myself and it helps to give me ideas along the way.

Your clock can have numbers, no numbers, roman numeral numbers or mixed numbers and dots. You could can paint them on or use number stickers. Get creative with your clock face. I even seen a photo of one with keyboard keys for numbers. I thought that was quite creative. So grab an old record and get started making a clock. This a definitely a fun record craft! Have fun making a vinyl record clock to hang up in your home! You'll love it and so will your visitors!

What You Need:

LP Record

Working Old Clock


Hot Glue Gun

AA Battery



  1. Choose you record album to make your clock with.
  2. Take apart an old clock using a screwdriver. Separate the clocks hands from the square back support.
  3. Place the center pin through the hole in your record on Side B. Align the back support of the clock mechanism with the record so that the writing on the label is straight. Then us the glue gun to glue the square body on the record album.
  4. Arrange the clock's hands on the pin starting with the second hand first, followed by the minute hand and finally the hour hand. Secure the cap or pin that holds all the hands together tight.
  5. Your clock is not finished. You can hang your clock up or show it on a stand.

Homemade Records Made By Jerzimom

My Record Clocks I Made!
My Record Clocks I Made! | Source

How To Video On Vinyl Record Clock Making

Vinyl Records!

(12) 12" Vinyl Records for Arts & Crafts Decoration - 1970's
(12) 12" Vinyl Records for Arts & Crafts Decoration - 1970's
A nice collection of records for making record clocks. With these you can make more than one is you want too.

Wall Clock

Advance Clock CO. 10" Wall Clock [Black]
Advance Clock CO. 10" Wall Clock [Black]
The clock shown here is the type of clock you would take apart for the clock mechanism to be used in making a record clock. You can purchase a cheap one online, dollar store, at garage sale or a goodwill store.

Antique Clock Hands - Vintage Looking!

This is what record clocks look like with antique hands on it. Pretty cool, huh!

Antique Hands on a Vinyl Clock
Antique Hands on a Vinyl Clock | Source
Paylak Clock Movement Quartz Square Antique Black Hands 5/16 Kit
Paylak Clock Movement Quartz Square Antique Black Hands 5/16 Kit
An antique look makes it like from back in the old days. These clock hands are perfect for just that. These are easy to put together with record.



Pink Record - Pretty in Pink!

Soundtrack: Pretty in Pink OST (Pink Vinyl, Record Store Day) LP
Soundtrack: Pretty in Pink OST (Pink Vinyl, Record Store Day) LP
This would be my favorite if I made a colored clock. PINK! I love this movie from the 80's! Molly Ringwold was a spectacular actress!

Instructional Video - Making a Record Clock

In this video it shows that when you take the parts off the clock you also can use the the clock number sheet. You can glue the number sheet on the front of the record to give it a more actual clock look.

Melting Record Clock

This video shows you how to melt a record. Melting it gives a ripply look. You can bend the top of the record to fit over the edge of a shelf. Very neat! I like the ripply look because it gives it some style then just plain round. Although the plain round is a very timeless look!

© 2013 Cheryl Fay Mikesell


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