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How to make greeting cards

Updated on May 31, 2012

Making cards using various techniques

Give your mind to greetings as it helps to build your skills! Cards can be impressive and do a lot to make a mood. Greetings for your special ones, Birthdays or just to keep for yourselves....

  1. The First one I had prepared is for Special greetings which is laced with red and black colored ribbon through punched holes using a punching machine. Then I gave a pretty look of flora around the borders to make it more lively. Finally writing the title for the card. Simple and best!

Special greeting card
Special greeting card
Playing with color pencils(1)
Playing with color pencils(1)
Playing with color pencils(2)
Playing with color pencils(2)

2. Playing with color pencils: It's fun to use many color pencils to give your card different look. I had put basic squares, spirals, triangles, and shaded the leftover regions to make the card complete. If you have any more ideas to play with color pencils, you can have fun too! You can make different borders for your cards such as stared borders, lining borders using line tools (this is a tip from me you can find in Microsoft word-borders for your pages) , you can copy the same for your cards!

3. Wastes and Stickers: This is what I have done to the third card in my shelf's. I had made cards out of waste materials like from a ripped color pages leftovers and done some shading with a pencil. I had also put some stickers to make it more pretty so that it can impress kids too. The spirals and small triangles are used for filling out the gaps in between pasting color punched wastes. There are so many things we can do to decorate our cards using scrap paper. You can also cut out old magazine pictures and stick on your cards( this one i'll be showing in my next article).This technique is simple as you only require cutting tools and have a hand on calligraphy.

wastes and stickers
wastes and stickers
Happy Birthdays with poster colors!
Happy Birthdays with poster colors!
Sketch pen water spreading!
Sketch pen water spreading!

4. Birthday cards with poster colors: If you have some interest in water colors, you can do fine by making handmade cards too. I had made a simple Birthday card colored with yellow background, text written using black-watercolor and decorated with bouquet of flowers at the end. The center of the flower has silver shining that I had done using shining pens.

5.Sketch pen water spreading: This card at the end I had made by using Sketch pens and finally spreading it lightly using a water dipped paintbrush. This may take some time for beginners if they are trying to spread the Sketch-pen lines as it depends on how much water you take for spreading, the pen-markings get easily dissolved into water and may spoil at the tips of your markings; So you need to be extra careful while spreading it. Here I had made a Castle , a big Ship, and some fire flames above to give an appearance of the hot desert region!

So enjoy with the cards!


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    • Monisa Ahmed profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from India

      Why not...

    • peachpurple profile image


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Your greeting cards are lovely and I must say, the drawings and coloring are simply awesome. Can u teach me how to draw and color????Voted up!


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