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How to make paracord items

Updated on May 11, 2013

Paracord items you can make

Paracord is great for crafting durable items. The crafting paracord we will be using can sustain up to 550 pounds! That's why it is called paracord 550.

We will find various and fun items we can make to make our life easier, have fun doing it and maybe, when we are great at it, even gift someone with a handy paracord item! From making keychains, bottle sleeves to various other useful items you will be able to create a lot of interesting items once you get through this page.

I wrote a blog about many paracord projects you can undertake. Try out the page you have the time!

Check out my popular paracord bracelets blog.

So lets get busy!

Who knew?

Paracord is quite handy!

Yeah. Who knew you could make so many different items with a single durable string? Well i sure didn't until i was doing research about my how to make paracord bracelets blog.

Well, i compiled a how to make list of other useful items for your household, i hope you will appreciate it and maybe even do a few!

These projects are great to improve your crafting skills, save you money or teach your kids a great way to do something productive!

All you need for making knots - Maybe too many knots :)

This book is an elegant collection of many knots you can use to make various paracord items. After that you just need a good paracord, i have a guide on selecting one here.

Be sure you know at least the square knot and the spiral knot.

Other than that, you are all set. Note that these are just techniques, so if you prefer hemp rope or other materials just use those instead! I just find paracord durable, easy to use and pretty :).

Get paracord online - 550 paracord available on Amazon

Paracord 550 can be found in most military shops, camping stores and some climbing stores. It is also quite easy to find it online. I have included an Amazon search below for the ease of finding paracord online. Amazon has a great and vast selection of colors available.

You can find everything you might need for various paracord crafts on this paracord supplies page.

A paracord dog leash - Find out how to make one, below!

This collar is made with the simple square knot.

How to make a dog leash - Why buy a leash if you can make one?

Why would you want to buy a leash, when you can make an extremely durable one yourself! It can hold 550 pounds, customized to your needs (length and grip) and to your style?

The only thing you need, besides paracord 550, a basic knotting technique and a snap hook featured below. Choose one that fits your style and needs!

We have our materials, now lets use braiding to make a leash! For those who do not know braiding, its very simple. Here is the tutorial for the leash, which will demonstrate it perfectly. Just remember with braiding, you braid from the outside in!

A paracord dog collar - A beautiful example of a dog collar. Sometimes being a dog ain't that bad.

How to make a paracord dog collar - Easy and fast!

You can make a dog collar with just a piece of paracord. Just make a spiral or square knot, finish it with burning the edges and viola! A paracord necklace/collar for your "mans best friend".

The alternative, as seen in the upper picture is the following:

The paracord dog collar is made with the simple square knot. You finish it with the buckle featured here. To clip on the leash, use the metal ring.

A paracord keychain - Durable, customised and pretty!

This is a simple square knot paracord keychain. Easy to make, looks good.

How to make a paracord keychain - Paracord, paracord, where art thau paracord?

To make a keychain you first need to decide what kind of keychain you want. Do you want to hook it to something? Then the bottom snap hooks might help! If not, then you want a decorative keychain (meaning you do not need anything but a key ring to put keys on).

Here i list some keychain how to make videos, all provided by the wonderful author of Paracord fusion ties (the book at the start):

My favorite paracord keychain patterns:

Diamond Waterfall Fob

Fractal Sinnet

Mystic Zipper Sinnet

Spinal Sinnet

Corkscrew Crown Sinnet

Divided Sine Wave Sinnet

Paracord bottle sleeve/pouch - A paracord bottle pouch.

Paracord bottle sleeve/pouch improves the durability of the bottle (reduces scratching), improves the looks and you can attach it to a belt as well! It is especially well suited for protecting glass bottles and baby bottles!

How to make a paracord bottle sleve - Looking good!

All you need for this do it yourself project is a cord stop found below, some paracord. For a video of how to make it, try this instructional video. It comes in four parts and is well worth it if you can be patient with the wonky sound at the start.

Paracord compass or watch - Really handy!

Finding a use for paracord isn't hard. It can be used as a clothes line, a turniquet, shoelace, fashion accessory, you name it, its probably been done. That is why campers love to make paracord bracelets out of it! You can find my blog about them below under my lenses. These so called survival bracelets can be further enhanced by using a compass or watch in its design! Check it out!

How to make a survival bracelet with a compass or a watch - How to make it? Easy!

This is a simple square knot paracord bracelet with a compass (below) attached. For advanced patterns visit my paracord bracelet blog


Paracord belt - This looks like a fun project!

These belts can serve the same purposes as paracord survival bracelets! Besides that, they are cheap, easy to make and very durable! Great for a do it yourself project!

How to make a paracord belt - Lets dig in!

Making these belts is beautifully described in the following links:

Link one

Link two

Below are the items you might need. Patience, time and some creativity and you have a beautiful belt.

How to make a paracord monkey fist - Tutorial below.

First of all: KIDS DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (or elsewhere. Just do not attempt it.)

The video below explains all you need to make a monkey fist self defense item (its like a flail generally). Again, this is a weapon.

Paracord monkey fist - Why not battle thy foes with a paracord monkey fist self defense item?

Image source:

Paracord sling - Another fun paracord project to do

You can also try to make a paracord sling using a piece of paracord 550. See the following link for a tutorial on how to make a paracord sling.


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      Those are hugely popular here where I love; I think I know at least 8 people making them now and selling them. Very 'in' at the high schools especially. Trendy!

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      I've never made anything like this, but it looks like it would be fun.

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      Cool stuf. I like the dog collar and leash. Great lens!

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      Good tips, so nice lens.

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      Fun ideas! I like the bottle sleeve best. It's different and there's so much more you could potentially do with it. Thanks!

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      Nice tips. I like it.