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How to Paint Fairies : Resources for Painting Fairies

Updated on September 3, 2013

How to Draw and Paint Fairies

Learn how to paint fairies with this guide to fairy art books, resources, tips and tools! Are you inspired to paint fairies, but don't know where to start? Need some tips on honing your painting skills, or wondering how to draw faerie clothes or paint iridescent wings?

This lens puts together a wealth of resources that will help you learn how to draw fairies and how to paint fairies. I have used many of them myself when I self-taught myself to paint fairies using acrylics or watercolor pencils and inks.

Here you will find books on painting fairies, links to painting tips and advice, inspirational fairy art and artists to help you, and lots more besides! Learn how to capture human and inhuman forms, faerie worlds, the magnificent detail of nature and much more.

I will be adding to and updating this lens regularly so if you like it, bookmark and check back again soon!

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How to Draw and Paint Fairies - by Linda Ravenscroft

This was the first book I bought on painting fairies. I have met Linda in person a couple of times and she is a wonderful, warm and fun lady, which comes across in her fairy painting books as she really tries to help the reader with all her tips and clear instructions.

If you are familiar with Linda's art, you will know that her paintings are beautifully intricate and really capture the essence of nature. Her fairies have amazing ragged wings, gossamer outfits and are usually entangled in a wild plethora of leaves, woodland wonders and vibrant flora and fauna.

The book teaches you the basics, from different paints and painting styles to types of paper and tools, before taking you step by step through each element of a fairy drawing - features, faces, bodies, clothes, hands, wings and so on.

Linda Ravenscroft - GREEN WOMAN - Decorative Fantasy Ceramic Wall Tile

Linda then teaches you how to paint these drawings, and provides various painting projects that teach you how to recreate the painting bit by bit.

Highly recommended!

How to Draw and Paint Fairies: From Finding Inspiration to Capturing Diaphanous Detail, a Step-By-Step Guide to Fairy Art
How to Draw and Paint Fairies: From Finding Inspiration to Capturing Diaphanous Detail, a Step-By-Step Guide to Fairy Art

"How do you draw a fairy? It's not like you can convince one to do life modeling in your studio. How to Draw and Paint Fairies confronts the fairy labor shortage directly, explaining all the techniques needed to bring fairy art to life. For beginners, explanations of basic techniques and easy-to-follow constructional drawings, plus information on materials, sketching, forms, and color make starting out easy and pleasant. As artists progress, the book offers detailed descriptions and beautiful illustrations of little people-from flower, water, and moon fairies, to nymphs and sprites, to sirens. Basic to advanced techniques on watercolor and mixed media are covered step-by-step, and finished images from leading fairy artists provide inspiration. This beautiful book will make every artist believe in fairies."


How to Draw and Paint Fairyland - by Linda Ravenscroft

This second book on painting fairies by Linda is equally excellent, especially if you have trouble with the details of paintings. It is one thing to be able to draw and paint a faerie, but you have to be able to give him or her a believable fantasy background too. Being nature spirits, fairies are usually found amongst woodland settings, trees, leaves, flowers and so on, which can be tricky to paint for beginners.

This book once again introduces the basics of painting, before moving onto techniques such as perspective and foreshortening. Linda then demonstrates coloured illustrations of fun fairy homes and neighbourhoods, before talking about techniques and how to apply them. She takes you step by step through leaves and foliage, trees, fruits and nuts, flowers, and even the really difficult things like airy feathers and fluffy dandelion clocks!

You are then taken through settings, from rainforests to standing stone circles, and a complete Midsummer Night's Dream painting, before the book ends with a lovely gallery of fairy paintings with notes.

Once again an invaluable book from Linda!

How to Draw and Paint Fairyland: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the World of Fairies
How to Draw and Paint Fairyland: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the World of Fairies

"Art students aspiring to diverse careers that range from book illustration to creating animated films will value this book as a solid, practical tutorial. The author instructs in methods for creating imaginative and atmospheric fairy habitats in watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and other media. She offers a wealth of creative ideas that include step-by-step instruction for transforming familiar objects into magical things. For instance, she demonstrates ways to change toadstools into homes, rocks into goblins, and leaves into carriages. She gives special attention to texture and detail in illustrations of tree bark, stones and rocks, water ripples and reflections, flowers and leaves, mushroom villages, fairy groves, and rainforest scenes. After giving detailed instruction in basic techniques, she guides students through an advanced project, A Midsummer Eve. This complex mixed-media scene depicts characters and animals in a fairyland setting. The book concludes with a gallery selection of fairyland images that include moonlight scenes, fairy celebrations, and seasonal landscape scenes. The instructive text is supplemented with more than 350 full-color illustrations."


Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds In Watercolor - by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

This is another beautiful fairy art book. Stephanie favours the more willowy, ethereal form, so if this is the style of faerie you want to paint, then this book is the one for you. As with Linda's books, she walks you through styles and techniques, and different elements of fairies from wings to clothing, will o' the wisps to pixies. As the title suggests, this only covers painting in watercolour.

As well as fairies, the book looks at angels and mermaids, so if you want to create other magical scenes, or incorporate a mixture, then this is another great reason to get this book. There are twenty step-by-step projects to help you hone and improve your enchanted art technique!

Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds In Watercolor
Dreamscapes: Creating Magical Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds In Watercolor

Paint beautiful, inspirational watercolour angels, fairies and mermaids in ethereal settings. Author walks readers through her process, showing and describing her techniques for creating fantasy scenes full of wonder and mystery.

Learn about the essential materials, including brushes, paints, paper, then move on to important techniques such as planning and sketching; figure proportions; specific characteristics of angels, fairies and mermaids, including clothing; developing backgrounds; and, finishing techniques that add an air of magic.


Watercolor Fairies: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Fairy World - by David Riche and Anna Franklin

Once again this book begins with a look at techniques, as well as discussing character development for the subjects of your painting. There then follows a directory of fairies, from banshees and dark fairies to sylphs, water fairies and elves.

This is great if you want to explore different styles with your watercolour painting. There are countless illustrations of faerie art from all kinds of artists, as well as step-by-step projects from different artists, so you can have a go at creating paintings in a variety of styles, including fairies by Jessica Galbreth, Myrea Pettit, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Linda Ravenscroft.

A host of faerie artistic delights!

Watercolor Fairies: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating the Fairy World
Watercolor Fairies: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating the Fairy World

How do you see a fairy, let alone draw one? This enchanting book shows how you can invoke the fairy spirit and bring to life the nymphs, sprites, and sylphs of this fabled realm. Turn your brush into a wand and create an entire fairy kingdom in watercolours, the dreamiest medium with which to convey the spirit and nature of these fairy folk.

Easy-to-follow step-by-step illustrations and photographs enable you to recreate flower fairies, celestial spirits, and mischievous dark fairies. Learn how to capture exquisite detail such as delicate wings and diaphanous gowns. Whether you believe in fairies, or just need a helping hand in order to really see them, this wonderful book contains all the inspiration and advice you will need in order to bring the magic and wonder of fairies to your artwork.


Painting a Fairy Video - Autumn Fairy by Lindsey Cormier

Painting Fairies: Learning from Other Artists - Inspiration, Advice and Faerie Treasures!

If you want to paint fairies, then I expect you are already a fan of faerie art. It is worth studying the work of other fantasy artists, looking at how they draw and paint certain things. It can help to begin with by trying to emulate a certain artist's style, to practice techniques and seeing what works best for you. However, move on from this and find your own style, your own unique take on the faerie world. There are many works of faerie art out there that look like copy cat paintings of other more famous artists' styles, and I doubt people will want to buy that. When buying faerie art, I look for something unique in the style and the painting itself that appeals to me.

Carnivorous Bouquet Fairy Art Print gothic by strangeling

One artist whom I strongly recommend following, particularly if you want to paint in acrylics, is Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Strangeling). She paints daily and posts work-in-progress photos and posts about that progress live on her blog and Facebook fan page. She interacts with her fans and answers questions about her painting techniques. You can learn a lot from her, and if nothing else be completely inspired by her dedication and enthusiasm!

Below I have highlighted links to Jasmine's sites.

Painting Fairies: Fairy Art Books

Many of the wonderful fairy artists have released sumptuous art books. These are excellent for inspiration!

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Are you Learning How to Paint Fairies?

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      LadyDuck 5 years ago

      I love fairies, you made a very nice lens on this topic.

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      This is a gorgeous amazing lens. I love fairies, this is very inspiring.

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      i wish that i can paint all this fairies

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      ara-bella 6 years ago

      I wish I could draw fairies ... and mermaids too. beautiful lens!

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      Great lens but : Don't forget the digital artists.

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      love your lens, fairies are one of my favorite subjects to draw! :)

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      I'm not much of an artist but I do love art and there is some great art on this page thanks.

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      I love these little magical creatures. What a fantastic page to put together ESPECIALLY when Fairies are concerned. Very good job!! Leaving you with a Blessing from a SquidAngel

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      So many faires, so little time. Nicely done.

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      I love pics of fairies - so whimsical! Unfortunately, drawing makes me nervous so I'm just going to admire the pretty pics. :)

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      Robin S 7 years ago from USA

      I'm not a painter but I do admire a great fairy painting!