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Types Of Jackets / Coats For Women | How To Sew Tailored Jacket Collars

Updated on January 19, 2013

Sewing Tailored Jacket For Women

Sewing tailored jacket and tailored collar jacket requires an advanced level of dressmaking skill. You will have to get a jacket pattern that is within your dressmaking ability. Any tailored jacket is cut and sewn according to a precised pattern instructions. Classic jacket or blazer can fit the tailoring method of a fitted, set-in sleeve, two-piece collar and possibly front pockets.

You can make a single or double breasted style jacket. As there are many jacket styles, you should always read the pattern instructions inside the pattern envelope to know how you will make the jacket and check the back of the pattern envelope to see if there is any extra lining pattern that comes with it.

Tailored jackets should always be lined in order to protect the inner layers of interfacing, lining or interlining. The collar of the tailored jacket should have three separate layers, these are a top collar, an under collar and layer of interfacing. These all help to strengthen and shape the collar. Use tailored buttonholes to give your jacket a perfect finish. Tailored jackets always have flap pockets.


Types Of Jacket Styles | Coat Styles

Jacket Styles - Names Of Jackets For Women

Jackets are short styles of coats. There are many types of jacket styles. There are single or double breasted jackets. Some of the jacket names are:

  • bolero
  • chanel,
  • box jacket
  • windbreaker,
  • pea jacket
  • safari and others.

Coat Styles For Women

Coats are used as outer garment when the weather is cold. There are many coat styles. These are:

  • trench coat
  • polo
  • wrap
  • chesterfield
  • coachman and many others.

Fabrics For Tailored Jacket Collar

  • Pure wool
  • Domette for interlining that will provide warm and weight for the jacket
  • Canvas interfacing that is of medium-weight and non synthetic
  • Cupro rayon should be used for the lining

How To Prepare Tailored Jacket Collar

To make a tailored jacket, you will have to transfer all the pattern marking or details into the piece of fabric you want to cut.

  • Cut out a medium weight fusible interfacing for the under collar, upper back and the front pieces.
  • Cut out a light weight fusible interfacing for the upper collar and the facing
  • For the collar stand, you can use interfacing that is heavy weight
  • Always fuse in position the interfacing to the wrong sides of the pieces of the fabric you are using.

How To Make a Tailored Collar Jacket

  • At the center back, join the two under collar pieces together at the shoulder seams
  • You will have to fuse bias tape to the jacket front edge and grain line tape to the lapel in adjacent roll line.
  • The heavier interfacing should be fused to the collar stand area of the under collar
  • Lay the jacket front and edges of the facing together
  • Machine stitch
  • Turn the seam allowance and press

How To Attach a Collar To a Tailored Jacket

  • Pin and tack the right sides of the under collar to the neck line
  • Snip the seam allowance of the neck edge
  • Sew together
  • Pin the right sides of the upper collar to the under collar
  • Starting at the facings, sew the collar pieces together
  • Turn through and press
  • Use slip tack on the where the top collar and facing meet
  • Hand sew using slip stitch on the outside
  • You can topstitch to finish the edges
  • Finish the rest of the jacket construction

How To Sew Jacket Video Tutorial


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