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How To Sew Tunic Dress For Women Online Instructions - Sewing Patterns

Updated on July 14, 2012

Sewing Tunic Dress With Topstitching And Front Zip Fastening

To sew a tunic dress for women, you will need to get yourself a sewing pattern for the style you want. The tunic dress sewing tutorial on this article is with top stitching and front zip fastening. The pattern will have front and back pieces of the tunic dress, back neck facing and front neck facing.

To cut the facing right, you will have to use the front and the back pattern pieces as a cutting guide. You will need sleeve pieces, short sleeves will be suitable for sewing this tunic dress. Make sure that you transfer all the pattern markings on the fabric before you remove the pattern from the fabric. You can wear tunic dresses as casual depending on the occasion.

How To Cut Out Tunic Dress Fabric Pieces

  • You should select the size layout of the pattern
  • Place the pattern pieces on the fabric
  • Check your pattern to see if there are added seam and hem allowances
  • Cut the front facing about 11/2 inches that is longer than the front opening
  • Cut out the front and back of the tunic
  • Prepare the zip opening
  • Make sure that all pattern details are marked and transferred on the fabric
  • Remove the patterns


How To Prepare Women Tunic Dress For Fitting

  • Pin and tack the bust darts, body darts and shoulder darts
  • Pin and tack side seams and shoulder seams and press
  • Pin and tack center front and press
  • Along the front opening, pin and tack in the zip
  • Pin and tack the sleeve seams
  • Pin and tack the sleeves to the bodice
  • Turn up the tunic hem and sleeve hem
  • If you want the tunic dress to have belt on, it is best to put it now at the fitting stage
  • Make sure you check and correct any fitting faults before you start to stitch

How To Make Up Tunic Dress

These are the steps you can follow to make your tunic dress using your commercial sewing pattern:

  • Prepare and make up the front
  • Insert zip to the center front opening
  • Join the front and back
  • Stitch on the facing and interfacing
  • Topstitch the neck line and center front
  • Stitch sleeves, side seams and hems
  • Finish sewing by checking that all markings are stitched
  • Line the tunic dress

How To Line Tunic Dress

  • Cut the front and back lining for the tunic dress using the pattern
  • You will not need to line the facing and the sleeves
  • Stitch darts first. These are body darts, shoulder darts and bust darts
  • Stitch the side seams and shoulder seams
  • Stitch the center front seam to the hem starting from the end of the front opening
  • Slip the lining over the tunic dress
  • Pin, tack and sew along the shoulder seams, side seams and armhole seams to the tunic dress.

How To Sew Tunic Dress From T-Shirt Video Tutorial


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