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Featured Artists - Hyperborea

Updated on August 20, 2014

Dutch Husband and Wife Make a Perfect Team.

Hyperborea is a husband-wife team that makes digital landscapes with beautiful sculptural images. They work in Bryce, a digital landscape program, and produce their sculptures in programs like Xfrog, Amorphium, and Zbrush.

Their names are Willem and Madeleine, from the Netherlands, and they are retired. Before retirement, Willem was a sculptor in stone. Their work reflects his earlier work in style.

The photo on the left shows one of Willem's stone sculptures.

(Photos used under the Fair Use Doctrine.)

Change in Career

Due to health problems, Willem had to retire as a sculptor in stone. When someone suggested they continue to work artistically on the computer, they began to explore this, and have developed a unique and beautiful style. Many people like their work very much.

Here is how they describe the way they work. They each have a computer, and they are in the same room, and one will work on an image and then send it to the other one, who will work on it some more, and the image goes back and forth until it is finished. It is truly a melding of the minds.

Notice the fluidity of line in this work.

How They Work

Madeleine once told me how she and her husband work as artists together. They sit at computers side by side, and one of them will work on the image. Then that person sends the image to the other one, and that one works on it for awhile, and then sends the image back to the first one. They use the computer program Bryce, which is a landscape generation program. The figures are made in Amorphium or XFrog. I have tried making figures like theirs, and I have never come anywhere close. This takes real skill. The greater skill is sensing the meaning of the forms, since they are highly abstract. The way in which they sense this is truly astonishing.

Themes of their work

A frequent theme of the work of Hyperborea is loving and caring for the weak and defenseless, or the newborn. Although the figures are strange, a person can easily see the human character in them. Hyperborea has a special gift for expressing emotions in the sculptures.

This work is called Sisters of Mercy.

The colors of their work

Hyperborea tends to favor yellows and oranges contrasted with gray and slate blue. This is a good example of some of their more recent skies, which have become increasingly beautiful. Their mountains are also becoming more beautiful. There are often mountains in the background of their images.

This work is called The Last Embrace. It is an example of their work that focuses on taking care of the environment.

You Tube

Hyperborea maintains a You Tube account, where they put videos of their works together with nice music, which they also compose themselves. You can visit them here.

Hyperborea's web site

Here is a link to Hyperborea's web site. It is written in Dutch. I have never corresponded with Willem, but Madeleine writes quite well in English, and she is a wonderful person. So please visit their site.

Please comment on this lens, or tell us of knowing Hyperborea


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