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Ibiza Models

Updated on December 2, 2015

Hot Destination for models and movies

Ibiza has become a hot destination for movie making, photography and a whole bunch of media related productions. Because of its warm climate and beautiful scenery, blue seas, white sandy beaches and interior landscapes of open countryside and pine forests it's no wonder the Island attracts so many companies to use it as a backdrop for their marketing. Many movies have been made on Ibiza and most have the Island residents as either supporting actors or as just extras. A good amount of the movies made on Ibiza have mostly been about the clubbing scene and lifestyle of Ibiza people. There have been a great number of documentaries and TV series made about the Island which have all done extremely well around the world and Ibiza is a big attraction for the porn industry to make porn movies related to Ibiza.

Corporate Events and Photo Shoots

Each year many companies with large profiles come to the Island to host parties or just do photo shoots and use Ibiza as there theme. Many Island residents are realizing that there is a growing business in the market of media, publishing. When a company or media company comes to the Island they need so much to actually operate on the Island properly. A large company often hold a large group party and rely on a local catering company to operate the party. The simple thing like accommodation and transport are two of the most important parts of a movie or film company. The accommodation that the company might want could be a villa or hotel which in many cases would be used as their main backdrop with Ibiza style. A large old villa, which is known as a finca here in Ibiza, with attractive Mediterranean gardens and pool works very well for photo shoots if involving a model or super star. Rent a villa on Ibiza is normally a number one choice for a film company. Transport is vital if you need to get to parts of the Island that have that extra edge of beauty when it comes to photography or filming. The Island of Ibiza has many great beaches and viewpoints to visit and parts of the Old town Eivissa have some great photography spot and a photographers dream to create inspiration and creativity.

Transport Services for large groups

Transport services on the Island can offer a bus to hold over 40 people. A film crew for example will be travelling with a lot of photographic gear along with a large group of people to do all the side jobs for a photography shoot and a movie crew the cast will require a lot of large transport vehicles. Ibiza has a number of transport services to use.

Ibiza Model Agencies

The Island has a wide selection of Model Agencies which over the past few years has doubled in amount. Hiring an Ibiza model is very trendy and using someone who has been born or raised on the Island adds to that special photo, An Island girl or boy works well for a photo-shoot providing the Spanish looks and authentic style to whatever the film company needs an Ibiza Model Agency. If you visit some of the clubs in Ibiza then you will see plenty or pretty girls and in the VIP areas you will see alot of models. Great fun.

Ibiza Fashion Show

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