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Weaving for Kids - Teach Your Children How to Weave

Updated on December 12, 2013

Weaving for Kids - Kid Looms and Weaving Kits

Weaving for kids is a fun craft that you can do together. Get your kids weaving with a kids weaving kit, kids loom, and weaving books. Weaving is a great craft to do with your kids. Weaving can help develop your child's fine motor skills. It can be used as a tool to teach your kids about counting and patterns. Weaving also teaches your children patience, a very important skill to develop into today's fast paced, plugged-in, instant gratification society.

Weaving is a fun and educational craft for kids. Here you'll find kids looms, weaving starter kits, and education how to weave books...everything you need to get your kids weaving. Weaving kits make great gifts for kids that enjoy arts and crafts.

Kids Loom Kit with Instructional How to Weave Guide - This crafty kit makes a great gift for girls

If you have a crafty kid or just want to foster creativity in your little one, then this "Learn to Weave" set is a great place to start. This set includes a kids loom and colorful yarn to get your child weaving her own creative projects.

T.S. Shure Learn to Weave Set & Book
T.S. Shure Learn to Weave Set & Book

Includes a wooden weaving loom, 5 bundles of yarn, wooden shuttle and loom comb, wooden warp separator, assorted pony beads, wooden beads, oversized button, and 34-page illustrated instruction book. For ages 7 and up.


Instructions for Kids Weaving - Demonstration of kids weaving projects

Weaving is a great activity for kids. It helps them build dexterity in their hands, learn about patterns, and gets them involved with something other than tv and video games.

Get your kids weaving with a simple cardboard loom.

Any child can start weaving with several strips of different colored paper.

My daughter loves to weave potholders and give them as gifts to her nana.

Finger weaving is another great place for kids to start.

The Rainbow Loom has taken the US by storm, giving kids the ability to craft all sorts of different bracelets.

Kid Looms - Weaving kits for kids make great gifts

Teach your child how to loom and give them a valuable skill and hobby they can enjoy throughout their life. Once they learn how to use a loom, they can create their own hats, scarves, totes, and more. They can use their kids loom to make fun projects for themselves or to craft handmade gifts.

ALEX Toys Craft Fashion Weaving Loom
ALEX Toys Craft Fashion Weaving Loom

Not only do parents on Amazon rate Alex Loop N Loom sets highly, but it also won the Parents' Choice Approved Award. The Loop and Loom sets come with a plastic loom, plenty of colorful loops, buttons, crochet hook, yarn, large needle, and easy Instructions. It's also very easy to buy additional loops to keep your child's creative play going.

Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom – Teaches Beneficial Skills and Creativity – Easy to Use – For Ages 7 and Up
Creativity for Kids Quick Knit Loom – Teaches Beneficial Skills and Creativity – Easy to Use – For Ages 7 and Up

This is a great introduction to the world of loom knitting for kids. Soon she'll be knitting purses, hats, and scarves.


Find More Weaving Kits Online - Crafting kits on eBay

Find an affordable weaving kit with these current eBay auctions.

I really enjoy weaving and doing other crafty projects with my kids.

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    • MamaRuth profile image

      MamaRuth 6 years ago

      Just bought a potholder loom kit (like I had as a kid) and used it with my granddaughter. She loved it and it was certainly a better way to spend time together than watching tv!