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Knitting Project of the Day (KPOTD)

Updated on November 29, 2012

Celebrating All Knitters

I admire people who take the time to recognize something every day. Projects like Lens of the Day from Squidoo and Free Knitting Pattern of the Day from the Daily Knitter inspired me to create my own daily project. I therefore present to you Knitting Project of the Day (or KPOTD).

I wanted to start a blog that would feature knitting projects of all types, not just patterns. KPOTD will feature knitting videos, knitting in the news, finished knitting projects, knitters, websites, blogs, books, knit items for sale and much more. If it is knitting related, then it can be featured! I hope you all enjoy my latest knitting, and writing, project.

Are you a knitter?

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How are KPOTD's selected?

Knitting projects of the day will be selected for many reasons. It could be a project that is unique or record breaking. It could be based on a beautiful photograph of a knitted garment or a helpful knitting video. The purpose is to feature knitters of all types, not just knitting designers.

If you know of a great project... let me know! You, and the project you think is great, just might get featured on KPOTD!

Every Day

You can learn about a unique and awesome knitting project!

What should you submit?

You can submit ANYTHING that is knitting related to be KPOTD, there should just be some knitting (at least YARN) component to the project. Feel free to submit multiple projects, just limit it to one per domain. I will happily consider lenses, knitting blogs, flickr photos, charity events, news articles, YouTube videos and much more!

If you include your blog or lensmaster page in the "Why should this be Project of the Day?" section of the submission form, I would be more than happy to give you link based credit for the submission!

Types of Knitting Projects - To be featured at KPOTD

To be KPOTD, I need to have something to link to, but the project doesn't need to be in a specific format. Here are some ideas for what you can nominate for KPOTD.

  • Photographs (Flickr, Picasa all work, you don't need your own website or blog!)
  • Knitting blogs and websites (and lenses, of course!)
  • Knitters - the people behind the knitting
  • YouTube Videos
  • Knitting Books
  • Knitting Patterns
  • Knitting in the News
  • Extreme Knitting and Knitting Records
  • Knitting Charities
  • Knitting vendors, yarn stores
  • Knit items for sale (eg. unusual knit furniture.) Things that catch your attention as atypical knit items.
  • And More...

Will you submit projects to KPOTD?

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What do you think makes a Knitting Project of the Day?

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