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Using Lace Fabric in Making Craft With Embellishment

Updated on May 30, 2014

Crafts Associated with Lace

Lace crafting is the art of using lace to decorate or embellish fabrics, ornament or as home decorating art. You can use lace to trim home furnishings and add elegance and luxury look. There are many things lying about at home you can use lace to decorate, things like, table clothe, cushions, bed cover or pillows.

Lace is a luxurious and charming looking material that is used by people far and wide as fashion appliques on clothes, and on many craft projects.

There are different types of lace techniques you can use to apply lace as a decorative embellishment on your chosen craft project.

The most common lace techniques are lace applique, sewing and embroidery. Moreover, there are also many things you can make out of lace. You can make jewelry, flowers and other fun crafts that will give you much pleasure as you make them as gift for family and friends or just as craft handiwork.

Try to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of lace available and their uses, so that you can make proper decision if you decide to engage in lace craft.

Working with Lace Craft Projects

  • You can use lace to add elegance to your home furnishings. No special knowledge is required. If you can use needle and thread, and have some lace materials at hand, then you can add lace to any project you want to decorate.
  • Using lace, you can make a lacy lampshade for your lamps. You use lace over a fitted fabric to your original lampshade and sewing the lace on it. And attach the lace fabric to your lampshade.
  • Embellishing your bed linen, pillows, duvet with lace should be a fun craft. Draw a pattern on where you want the lace to be sewn on on your project.
  • If you have a plain table clothe or even colored one, you can sew laces on it to give it that beautiful look.

Lace Insertion Method

This is a general method you can use to insert or sew lace into any fabric project.

You should spread the fabric on an even surface or table and pin some pieces of lace on the areas you have previously marked.

Use a baste stitch to hold the lace materials in place temporarily until you are ready to do the final stitching by machine or hand.

You can insert lace into most of the craft projects you choose.


Lace Sewing

To sew with lace is fun and creative. You have to know which method to use in sewing on or attaching the lace to any project to give it that elegance hand-made look. These are some of the techniques you can use: lace insertion, you can use lace to gather edging, using motifs and edgings are all the methods one need to master.

You can use lace on many materials to give it that pretty look. Your imagination should not be the limit as to what craft project you want to use lace on.

Many people use lace on dresses, lace lingerie, lace undies, handkerchief, and many more. You can use a piece or pieces of lace on making a dress, blouse top to give you that special rich look.

To make something like lingerie, choose a very good lace material. There are many styles of clothes you can sew lace on.


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