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So Simple! Learn How to Knit at Home in Your Pajamas; Enjoy the Hobby of Needlework on Your Own Time!

Updated on March 20, 2019
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Michele's love for knitting shines like the sun! Knitting is a trending craft, so jump on board today!

Begin knitting today while half asleep! Yes, you can do it!
Begin knitting today while half asleep! Yes, you can do it! | Source


Don’t you love new technology? You know - where you basically never have to get out of the house for anything? Learning a skill and hobby like knitting is great for any situation. It will keep you busy, yet relaxed. We will quickly begin to go thru why learning how to knit is a good thing, while going over how to best learn it.

So, sit back and enjoy this passion of mine bloom all around you! Then, for the really FUN part: go buy yourself the supplies and get to town making your first knitted project! Please, please, please post a picture or tell a story in the comments section about your first knitting experience! This new article craves constructive criticism, comments and especially pictures, so water this little hub and watch her grow!

Enjoy Needlework While Still in Bed!

How can you NOT love a hobby that lets you play hooky every day?!?
How can you NOT love a hobby that lets you play hooky every day?!? | Source

Why You Should Learn How to Knit

There are many benefits to learning the art of knitting. For one thing, it is a great stress reliever, a relaxation tool, and way to relive any anxiety and/or panic you may be feeling. When you are relaxing while knitting, you can achieve a Zen-like state and feel your worries wash away.

Another reason you should learn the craft of knitting is to achieve higher self esteem. An increase in your self worth can be achieved as you have now taught yourself a new hobby and when you have successfully finished a project; you can check it off your bucket list, feeling completely satisfied!

"My doctor suggested a high fiber diet, so I went yarn shopping."

-Confessions of a Knitter

Finally, there are many physical benefits in learning how to knit. It can improve blood flow, dexterity, and your general health as your body moves along to the dance of the needles and yarn!

So you are ready to learn knitting, but how???

How do you plan to teach yourself the art of knitting?

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The Benefits of Learning to Knit at Home

So, I must admit that I am a little bit of a homebody. I always loved to stay home playing sick. I will confess that teaching to do things at home by myself or with my husband is more preferred than going out to meet some strangers to do something that I could be doing at home, but that’s just me. What reasons you might have or things you can benefit from learning how to learn how to knit at home include getting to be comfortable in your pajamas or whatever you feel like wearing.

Being at home alone can benefit you if you have any social anxiety. You can also be silly and fall asleep with your project with the needles still in your hands; not that I suggest you do this, and be mindful that these are needles and they might hurt if pinched in the wrong place. It is fun just to be rebellious.

Begin the journey of learning to knit today! It's so easy that you can do it in your pajamas!
Begin the journey of learning to knit today! It's so easy that you can do it in your pajamas! | Source

Why You Should Teach Yourself the Art of Knitting

Teaching yourself to do something is a great accomplishment. It a general pick-me-up as you have learned something new. Not only can you enjoy a new hobby, but you can also continuously feel self confident and proud that you learned how to do this craft alone with no help from anyone else.

Knitting is not considered to be an easy task to master. In fact, when you knit in front of a non-knitter, they frequently watch and say something like, “how did you learn how to do that?” Because of this, you KNOW that knitting isn’t easy. So you now know that you have taught yourself not any old task, but a hobby that is quite challenging to learn, and don’t forget you didn’t need a class or whatever. You taught yourself all alone! That’s another thing to brag about the next time someone says you are a master of a challenging art!

You might be surprised how fulfilling a hobby like Knitting could be!
You might be surprised how fulfilling a hobby like Knitting could be! | Source

Why Learning to Knit Outside Your Home Can Benefit You

While receiving all of the benefits of teaching yourself to knit at home is awesome, there are some drawbacks, nothing too distasteful though. By learning this art at home by yourself, you won’t be interacting with others who may be able to help you work through the kinks in the learning stages of learning. Other people may be able to easily show you the right way to do something you don’t understand or they may have the same problem; then, you can both learn from each other or at least you won’t be alone at these frustrating steps in the process.

You probably have a local yarn or craft shop nearby that offers classes on how to knit or may have an instructor or expert that can help you get through the difficult parts where you may be getting stuck on. This can make your learning easier and faster. Michael's is a chain store and they offer courses to teach crafting enthusiasts how to knit or advance their knitting experience. Advanced knitters can help answer your questions, if you have any.

You can do anything you set your mind to, so don't be overwhelmed by knitting!
You can do anything you set your mind to, so don't be overwhelmed by knitting! | Source

Here are a few more ways to learn how to knit outside your home:

  • Church group
  • Group of Volunteers
  • Family
  • Friends
  • A Meet up Group
  • A course at a local university (like the University of Phoenix)

Learning to Knit the Easiest Way

The easiest way to learn how to knit at home is by the use of You Tube videos. You can find several clips from every angle. Some instructors or teachers are too fast and some or too slow; some may speak clearly, while others don’t. A lot of it is just about preference. You should just watch a few and wait until you find the one that you find to be the most clear. Then, take your time when you watch his or her videos.

You Tube has a lot of features that are similar to a movie at home. You can stop, rewind, play, go forward, or go back. It may take some time if you are not used to You Tube, but if you are new, this is the best way to learn. If that is too hard to do, just type in “how to use You Tube” in your Google search bar, and you will find an article or two that will help you out. I will provide some videos at the bottom that are my choices. The best part of using You Tube is the pause button. You can listen, practice until you have mastered that part, and then go back to play.

Make something useful as a gift for someone else like one of these knitted coaster sets!
Make something useful as a gift for someone else like one of these knitted coaster sets! | Source

Here are a few videos that I think would benefit a new knitter the most:

How to do a Basic Knit Stitch

Learn How to Knit: Knitting for the absolute Beginners (DIY)

Read Your Way into the Field of Knitting

Another way to learn how to knit at home is through books. You can buy them from online like Amazon or through a bookstore. A better and less expensive option is to check them out at library nearby. Some books are very well arranged. As you can see by the hands, you can take all the time in the world to learn how they are made to look that way.

However, I must warn you that not all books are created equal. I once received a beautiful book on crochet (which I do not currently do) that had the most gorgeous pictures of patterns, techniques, and equipment that you can imagine. I was very excited to start to use it; however, when I was ready to try to crochet by looking at that book, I found it not to be useful. It ended up being not helpful at all, and I still to this day have not learned how to crochet. I, of course, would not say that it’s the book’s fault, but the book did not help either.

Once you learn to knit, you can make a whirlwind of things - even if you only learn the Knit stitch.
Once you learn to knit, you can make a whirlwind of things - even if you only learn the Knit stitch. | Source

Tips on buying craft instruction books:

  • Check the back of the book for the summary and make sure you understand what to expect.
  • Flip through the book (if you are physically seeing it to make sure it is easy to read.
  • If you don’t have physical access to the book, ask questions about it.
  • Make sure you understand abbreviations for the knitting terms.

Want to do more than Just Knitting?

Consider trying to do another stitch. Moving past the knit and learning more stitches will greatly broaden your surroundings. It took me forever to learn how to do the purl stitch, I’m embarrassed to confess. I finally had to find the right person to show me what I was doing wrong. Once you have mastered even just these two stitches, your options in knitting become very wide. Once you have even just learned how to do the two stitches, you are officially a knitter.

You can even teach others how to do it. That would be such a rewording this to do. Go to your nearest rest home and work to help the residents how to do this wonderful activity together. You could really brighten their day! Once you feel good enough, you could make some money. And really, just learning the simple stitches of knitting and purling is good enough!

This is a simple pattern I created with only the Knit and Purl stitches.
This is a simple pattern I created with only the Knit and Purl stitches. | Source

What are some of the Ways You Can Earn Money by Knitting?

  1. Sell patterns online
  2. Rent out a space in a craft store, booth, or at a state fair
  3. Sell finished products on Etsy
  4. Teach others how to knit; teach a class at a community college
  5. Save money on gifts and instead give them a finished work of art
  6. Instead of sending money to charities, send them to seeks out knitting projects

Knit something for yourself!
Knit something for yourself! | Source


Now that you are ready to branch out and learn the new hobby of knitting, feel at ease that you can easily learn how to do this with the help of YouTube or books at your local library or online. There are many reasons for you to learn this new art, there are many benefits you can be rewarded with, and there are different ways to learn knitting in different settings whether they are at home in your birthday suit or pajamas, or in a group class learning from a expert knitter. Just enjoy the ride as you may only learn how to do it once; after that, you may become a pro!


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