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Loom Knitting Designs

Updated on March 27, 2013

Pictures of My Loom Knitting Designs

I started a website in December of 2012. I quickly learned the importance of pictures. Sharp, vivid colors and cool backdrops were essential to keep the visitor interested. After researching basic photography I went into a panic. I am not a photographer by any means. I was afraid I would have to spend thousands of dollars for a high tech camera. I went to a good friend who owns a $5000.00 camera and has invested many thousands more on lenses. I showed him a couple of websites that looked the way I wanted my website to look. The pictures had blurs and text, lots of beautiful special effects. I had worked hard on my loom knitting designs. I wanted them to be seen in all their splendor and maybe even better. He asked me questions about my camera. I told him I owned an Olympus VG-120. He asked if I had read my manual. He and I both knew the answer and smiled at the same time.

To my surprise he told me to keep my camera and made me promise that I would READ THE MANUAL. Then he introduced me to all the extra features in Photobucket and Picasa. I have had such a great time that I want to share my Loom knitting design pictures with everyone willing to take a peek. If you're reading this than you are one of those people. I hope you enjoy my work and please tell me what you think it can only make me better.

Baby Booties Picture Credit:


Loom Knit Flower

There is a Story Behind This Design

I love this project. It was been re-pinned close to a thousand times on Pinterest. I am most proud of it because this little flower shows what you can do with a mistake and a picture taken very quickly and carelessly to meet a deadline.

When I first learned how to loom knit I was confused about loom sizes. Midway through my task I discovered that I had used the wrong loom. In my frustration I flattened the little hat to put it in a drawer. But I was drawn to the fact that it looked like a flower. So I put a button on it and attached it to a hat. I called it the Flat Hat Flower. Now I attached these to all kinds of projects; purses, backpacks, t-shirts, shoes, hair accessories, the list goes on endlessly.

As far as the picture, I had it on the wrong setting. As you can see the loom is blurry while the flowers are sharp. That was a mistake. My intent was to photograph the loom not the flowers. But I love this boo-boo.

Loom Knit Flower on a Hat - The Big Picture of My Flat Hat Flower

Loom Knit Hat
Loom Knit Hat

I have since learned that I need to know the size of my picture. This one is 600x800 pixels. It's a big daddy. That high number of pixels can be great sometimes but not all the time.

It does help you appreciate color. Orange is usually not on the top of my list. But I love this design mostly for the multiple shades of just one color

Just a Few More Hats

Click thumbnail to view full-size

All Designs Made Using Round Looms - Looms on Amazon

Genuine Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set with 4 Looms, Hook & Bag
Genuine Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set with 4 Looms, Hook & Bag
I always use the Knifty Knitter Brand. Tried and True
bebebao Knifty Knitter 210314 Assorted Loom Series with Slim Jim
bebebao Knifty Knitter 210314 Assorted Loom Series with Slim Jim
Sets are a great way to start your loom knitting investment
Boye Round Knitting Loom Set, 7pc, 5.5", 7.5", 9.5", and 11.5" D
Boye Round Knitting Loom Set, 7pc, 5.5", 7.5", 9.5", and 11.5" D
Haven't used this brand - but I know a lot of people that do. Heard no complaints.

My Little Red Camera - Thousands of Great Pictures Later - I'm Still Happy

When I first got the camera I was extremely unhappy. I couldn't get a clear picture with true colors.

Since having read the manual, as advised by my friend, a professional photographer I have been extremely happy with this little camera. I am not in the habit of reading manuals but I felt as though I gained a whole new camera after I understood how to properly use it.

Every picture you see here was taken with this camera. I paid $175.00 when I bought it new.

Not Just Hats - Lot's of Things Can be Made with a Loom

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Natural Picture or Altered Pictures

Do You Think Pictures Should be Left Unaltered

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