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How to Make or Buy Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames

Updated on November 13, 2015

How to Make or Buy Beautiful Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames

With the popularity of fridge photo frames growing as often you cannot or do not want to put your photos on walls all you have to do is decide if you want the convenience of bought ones or if you like to be a bit creative and make your own using a simple technique.

Lens photo courtesy of Amazon

Bought picture frame magnets

If you buy picture frame magnets you know the quality you are getting, those above are reliable, they don't fall off the refrigerator when you slam the door and it is very easy to change the photos giving you a fresh view as often as you like. You can design your fridge front how you like and vary it.

The whole back is magnetized making them stick firmly to the fridge. Although the frame plastic does not yellow over time it is unfortunate that the photos themselves will turn yellow. However this happens to any photo left out and even those in albums will age. Best to keep your photos in electronic form and just print off those you need.

(Photo courtesy of Amazon)

How to Make Your Own Photo Frame Refrigerator Magnets

If you prefer to make your own refrigerator magnets for photos you can and it is fairly easy. All you need is some old wood, glue, some magnets and of course your photos.

Personally I think this is a really great idea and it looks really great, however on the down side you cannot change the photos as they are varnished into the frame. Still I guess you could always glue a plastic pouch instead and pop the photos into that!

How to Make Unique Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames

I thought this was a great ideas as you can have something unique. It is a simple but effective way to make your own magnetic fridge photo frames. An example of the supplies used are listed below the video.

The Advantages of Making Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames

The advantages of making your own photo frames for me personally is that they are unique and very personal and make much better and more thoughtful gifts than buying them. Most people like personalized made gifts. (But check as not everyone does. My sister has a friend who hates handmade gifts and thinks of them as shoddy and inferior)

I love that these are made from wood as wood is a beautiful thing to make anything out of with each piece being individual and lacquering them makes the lines stand out. Warning though you might get a bit of reflection if you use gloss rather than mat.

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The Advantages of Buying Magnetic Fridge Photo Frames

The advantages of buying your magnetic fridge photo frames are many. You don't have to put hols in the walls. You can change your photos as much as you like. They stick to the fridge well. It is fast and easy to order them.

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thank you for this collectible and informative post.It's very interesting to create my own Photo Frames and its cost effective too.