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How To Make a Box Out of Recycled Paper

Updated on April 19, 2013

How to Make a Box Out of Recycled Paper

Paper craft is a great activity for kids and adults. It requires very minimum skills but can bring you lots of fun. I learned how to make a paper box from my auntie when I was a kid. It was the fun time when there were no computers, no video games and kids spend much more time create their own toys and games. Folding paper is one of the fun things to do among kids. We folded origami, puppies, airplanes and clothing.

Many years later, one day when I was looking through my mails and staring at those beautiful printed fancy store catalogs, I suddenly realize, hey, why don't I make boxes out of them?

In this page, I will share with you a easy way to make a box out of recycled paper. You can use these boxes for holding pins and buttons, organizing craft tools, or use them to hold trashes such as peanut shells, pasticcio shells. All you need is a pair of scissors, a little patience and some recycled paper. Get your kids into it, you will spend some quality time with them while having fun making boxes.

(All Pictures in This Lens Are Taken By The Lens Owner)

Step by Step Instructions on How to Make a Paper Box

A Rectangular Piece of Paper

1. You will need a rectangular piece of paper to make the box. The magazine size paper is perfect. If you have a different size paper, use a paper cutter or scissors to cut the paper into rectangular shape.

Tip: Since we are using recycled paper, it doesn't matter which sides is up. But if you want to make a fancy box using a custom designed paper, you will want to make sure the good side is showed on the outside of the box

Make Creases

2. Place your paper on a flat surface. Fold the paper in half from top edge to bottom edge, creating a horizontal crease. Then fold the paper in half from left to right. Do not unfold.

Make X Shaped Fold Lines

3. Now you need to do a fold to form fold lines in the shape of an x after unfolding.

Crease the X Fold Lines

4. Fold the paper along the X lines, press and crease.

Fold a Roof Shape

5. Hold the paper on your hands. Push the shorter sides of the + lines toward each other. You will form the paper into a roof shape, see the picture. This part is a little bit complicated, but once you figure it out, it is not hard at all.

Form the Box Edges -1

6. Fold two corner towards the center line. Repeat this same step on the other two corners.

Form the Box Edges -2

7. Fold the edges up on both sides.

Form the Box Edges -3

8. Cut the center of the edge and fold them under the triangle corner. Repeat the other side.


9. Congratulations! You just make yourself a paper box:).

Tip: Before open the box, fold the triangle top towards the cut edges to make nice creases. You box will stands flatter.

Crafts Paper

If you want to make boxes with better looking and more crafty, you can use these crafts paper instead of recycled paper from catalogs and magazines. I like the colorful construction paper. They make the boxes look more uniformed and present better.

Do You Like to Make Crafts with Paper?

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