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Make your Own Shoe Box Organizer

Updated on November 13, 2016

Shoe Boxes Can Function in Many Ways

Do not throw your shoe boxes. Yes, you have heard me right. I will say it again. Do not throw your shoe boxes, will it be enough? Anyways, if you are lousy at organizing, save shoe boxes as organizers. They are cheap and you are being resourceful when using these boxes. Using these boxes also mean we are saving our environment and our dear planet.

Shoe Boxes comes in all different sizes but they have to be rectangular. They vary in height and width which makes them a good source for storing cute items and memorabilia or even more than that.

Shoe boxes are good as organizers because they can store these items and at one glance, you can easily see what is inside, assuming there is a label on it, of course. These shoe boxes organizes the place because these small items and things which makes the place much more messier are kept inside these little or rather big shoe boxes.

Shoe boxes can be designed according to your preference. You can manipulate it to make it more personalized and also to be more functional that it is already. Of course, shoe boxes are cheaper or free to have.

When I was younger, I used to wrapped these boxes so as they look a lot neat and nicer. I placed all my memorabilia in there like souvenirs, cards, invitations, even ballpoint pen that I have collected and used already. These shoe boxes are great for these kinds of items.

Shoe boxes as Organizers!

Shoe boxes as Organizers!
Shoe boxes as Organizers!

All-in-one Organizer

I made this one simply because my closet is cluttered and so is my desk. I gathered all containers and boxers I could find, wrap it and stick them all together. These are not shoe boxes but this is a great idea as all from boxes still.

Making a ShoeBox Organizer

Shoe Boxes can be made into Organizers!

PHOTO Credits: Shoe Boxes by Getty Images

Shoe boxes can be made into organizers. They cannot only organize our shoes but they could actually organize small little items and trinkets in our house or rooms. These can be placed in one shoe box or have items of the same placed in one shoe box.

I place all my souvenir items and pieces inside my shoe box. I also have another one for my cards and letters and I have another one for me gift tags and more.

You can design your own shoe boxes so that they can also be decorated while they are organizing.

The materials needed are:

shoe box

sticky tape



wrapper (colorful design)

How to Make the Shoe Box Organizer

Making it is Easy Breezy

PHOTO Credits: Wrapping a Shoe Box from Getty Images

1. Place the box over the wrapper. Wrap it like a gift leaving the edges.

2. Cut along the edges that are in excess.

3. Glue or paste or even use a sticky tape to stick the wrapping paper over the box.

4. Once wrapped, label at the top side /right side, where ever is most accessible to you.

THAT easy! and you already have your own shoe box organizer!

Items You Can Store

There are a lot Actually!

PHOTO Credits: Pictures from Getty Images

We can actually store a lot of items inside the shoe box. There are a lot of sizes for shoe boxes, so what fits could be stored.

We can store in:



souvenir items



More Shoe Box Pictures and Videos

Shoe Box as Organizers!

Shoe Box as Organizers!
Shoe Box as Organizers!

Here is my VIDEO on some MORE CRAFT IDEAS

More Shoe Box Organizing and Shoe Box Wrapping Ideas and Pictures!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Shoe Box as Organizers!

Shoe Box as Organizers!
Shoe Box as Organizers!

What Can You Say about Shoe Boxes as Organizers? - Leave comments and suggestions here

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    • Bazaar Compass profile image

      Mary Ellen Block 

      4 years ago from Southern California

      Thank you for the great organizing ideas using shoe boxes. I am always trying to think of creative ways to use items around my house to organize instead o buying more containers. I like the idea of jazzing up the boxes too:)

    • heartycindypen profile imageAUTHOR

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 

      7 years ago from Ormoc City

      @kiratalley: indeed, a girl can never have shoes...tsk tsk...

    • kiratalley profile image


      7 years ago

      What a great idea for organization .... what also a great way to convince my hubby to let me buy more shoes --> more organizational tools available!


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