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Make Your Own Socks or Slippers For The Winter - Free Patterns & Tutorials

Updated on October 23, 2013

It's getting colder and colder each day as winter approaches and as I tend to have cold feet even on the hottest day of the summer the thought of fuzzy warm socks and slippers excites me! I am a sock aficionado - I have every possible style and every possible color and I only want my collection to grow and as I love DIY there's no neater way to increase my collection than to make my own socks!

I've gathered some of the coolest (free) socks and slippers tutorials on the web and I am sure some of these will knock your socks off. These projects are for all skill levels, I'm a beginner when it comes to crocheting and I haven't knitted since I was a little girl so some of these patterns are still out of my skill reach (alas their awesomeness does encourage me to try harder) but if you are a crafty knitter you won't have a problem making them. One of the projects (the first one) totally blew me away as you can be a total beginner to make it and it looks awesome (not to mention eco-friendly). But enough about that! Let's dive into the sock paradise!

All photos on this post are used with permission or with accordance to authors TOS.

Turn an Old Sweater into New Pair of Slippers! - The easiest project on the world! No knitting or crocheting skills required!

It's great when lazyiness pays off, a day before I discovered this blog post I was determined to clean up my closet and get rid of old things I don't wear anymore but in the end I decided to, you know do it tommorow. And how glad I am for that as now I have the chance to make myself these super cool slippers without much hassle (no knitting or crocheting skills required - gotta love that). The tutorial is great and super easy to follow and I just know these will be a big hit this year! Check it out at Drawings Under The Table

Why not make toe socks! - Keeping all your pink piggies super warm

I got hooked too toe socks as soon as they hit the market and I was probably the only one in the entire school who had worn them as girls were a bit sceptical about their comfort. Weird huh? I loved them from my thumb to pinkie toe (although I did have occasional problems with the smallest piggie).

This is a super easy tutorial more than perfect for begginers as there are no knitting or crocheting skills required to make it. Check out the how to at Onelmon

If you want to knit toe socks here's the free pattern

I admit I would have a hard time making this one with my skill level but they are adorable.

Crochet those slippers! - I love the ballet like look to these

I've got my Christmas gifts all planned out - my closest friends and family will get a homemade treat - soap, jam, lolipops, and dried fruits (all with cinammon & apple scent) and now that I saw these I think they would make a nice addition to my "gift packs" for my girls! My fet would love them too - learn how to make these at Candypow

Knit Your Own Socks With a Sock Loom - Something I'm considering

While knitting and crocheting is fun there is an easier way to make your socks - by using a loom!

Authentic Knitting 9"x3" Sock Loom Knitting Board W/Dvd-
Authentic Knitting 9"x3" Sock Loom Knitting Board W/Dvd-

There are two different types of knitting looms available - the round one (well and oval one) and this one. While I do like the round one more visually I think this one is way more useful as you can adjust the size of it to make the perfect sock.


This video tutorial shows you how to use the sock loom

Rainbow Slippers - Bright colors for good mood

When you feel down or when it's super cold outside warm colors will make you feel better and that's why I love these. Make them following the pattern on Twigs and Tea

Fishnet Ankles - These are perfect for summer!

As winter is approaching I have just enough time to master the skills neccessary to knit these fishnet anklets before summer. These will compliment many summer sandals. Check it out at Purlbee

Something with a pattern maybe? - For the patient ones

I don't know if I would be able to make this as I am super inpatient person and want to have the finished product as soon as possible. My flaw aside these are really awesome looking. Check the free pattern at The Purl Bee


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice variety of ways to make socks & slippers! I've been looking for ideas (other than knitting) since the weather cooled off. Thanks for the inspiration!


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