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DIY Furniture Drawers for Pet Beds

Updated on December 20, 2016
Stacie L profile image

Stacie L has raised many pets and had some cats live into their twenties. She also ran a successful pet-sitting service.

 dogs on couch
dogs on couch

Pets are more than animals

The pet industry is one of the largest growing sectors today, reaching the billion dollar mark. Some of us would prefer animals than other people living with them.

Pets are more popular and important than ever before. They are members of the family; our furry children and our best friends. We treat them like a person, buying expensive food, treats, clothing, and taking them with us on vacation. They can help keep one's sanity in tough times and provide unconditional love when no one else will.

How many times have you arrived home and found your dogs curled up on the couch or bed? And what about the cats? They love to dig into the dresser drawers and pull everything out. No, sleeping on the bed is not an option since they may tend to take over the bed. Some owners may think an old blanket on the floor will suffice, but why do we always find them on the sofa when we return?

I have recycled some unwanted household items to make a bed but found that an old drawer is one of the best ways to make one.

cats love to sleep in dresser drawers
cats love to sleep in dresser drawers

They also desire the softness and comfort that we want. Sleeping on a hard floor is especially painful on the joints of an older pet. That's why a bed off the floor or elevated would be a better choice for an older pet.

The most simple beds are not expensive to build. You can use some recycled materials in the garage or shed. Just look around and find some ideas. An old unused dresser will do the job. This article is intended for a small dog or cat or any other small domestic pet you may have.

Why Cats Need a Bed

Finding Old Furniture or the Project

Almost everyone has some old unwanted pieces of furniture in the garage or basement. They usually have boxes piled on top and has long been forgotten. If you don't have any furniture, then try driving around the night before trash pick-up day and see who is throwing away some. I have noticed in parts of the country that online notices from the local towns and CraigsList will have a curb alert under the heading of free or give away, so people can easily find some unwanted pieces. This helps both parties. If you are so inclined, a trip to the local thrift shop may garner a cheap piece to buy.

Materials Needed

Materials needed to make an elevated pet bed:

  • old dresser drawer, approximately 22" x 18" x 8"
  • old bed pillows
  • pillow cases
  • soft material such as velor or brush cotton towel
  • 4 - 5 inch pegs or dresser legs
  • glue sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • self sticking Velcro® tape
  • 4 " heavy duty needle
  • thick heavy duty thread or
  • sewing machine
  • heating pad

wikipedia commons old dresser
wikipedia commons old dresser

Follow these directions

When you find an old dresser you want to use for this project, measure the size of the drawer and be sure it is at least 5 inches more than the size of the pet that will use it. In other words, place the pet in the drawer, and either measure to draw an outline around them, lying down. You may need to hold them down while doing this. Also have a nice household tool kit available before you begin. I have my own that has all the basics, such as a sturdy hammer, pliers, measuring tape, and a powered screwdriver with bits.

  1. Lie the dresser on it's back and start to remove the legs, either by turning to unscrew or gently tapping them with a hammer.

  2. begin to attach the legs at each corner under the drawer, with the hot glue

  3. You may have to wait an hour or more for it to fully dry

  4. Measure the edges of the material needed to cover the pillow(s). Cut the Velcro® strips for each edge

  5. and either sew or hot glue the strips along all the edges of the material that will cover the pillow. (if you cannot find the self-sticking kind)

  6. Wait an hour for the legs on the drawer and Velcro® strips to fully dry and wrap the material around the pillow.

  7. Insert the pillow into the raised bed and then place the cat or dog into the new bed. Let them get used to this; it may take a few tries to get them used to this. be sure to place a toy or something familiar to them. Their blanket with their own scent may help them to accept it faster.

  8. You can have a heated pet bed by placing a heating pad under the pillow on colder days.

Tips to ensure a happy pet

You may want to sand down the drawer if it is rough. No one wants to try to pull out a splinter from a crying pet.

Another idea is to paint it and put the pets name on it. Even though your pet is smart, they will not be able to read. It's strictly for your satisfaction.

Be sure to wash the cover each week, and have another one on hand. no one wants to smell a stinky pet blanket; especially the dog.

A foam pillow would be better than a feather pillow since it would retain its shape. The feather pillow will flatten in a heartbeat.

Another filling would be a commercial sawdust for their bedding. It would be a sanitary way to keep things fresh smelling.

You may want to cut one side of it, for easy entry for a pet that has trouble lifting their legs over the drawer edge.

You should also want to make sure legs are set before placing your pet in a drawer. Lastly, place bed away from traffic flow so someone doesn't trip over it.

I hope this has given some readers the necessary information to make your own pet bed and get them off the furniture and dresser drawers.

I am happy with the one I made years ago but the cats still finds his way into the sock drawer every so often.

is this something you would try to make?

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© 2010 Stacie L


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