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Release Your Child's Creative Spirit with the Melissa and Doug Easel Accessory Set

Updated on October 25, 2015

Art Supplies

Encourage Your Childs Creativity with a Melissa and Doug Easel Accessory Set

The Melissa and Doug easel accessory set is an adorable little set that will set your toddler up for everything they need to start creating in paint, draw or write. With four great mixable colors and spill proof cups with matching paint brushes this makes for a great companion to the Melissa and Doug easel and a very nice starter set for creative toddlers.

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The Easel Art Supplies Come With Washable Paint Colors

The easel art supplies comes with 4 washable paint colors which is vital for little hands make pretty patterns all over everything. They are great for mixing with the three primary colors red, blue and yellow plus a green there are plenty of variations of colors to mix.

As with any water mixed paint the more water you mix with the paint the weaker it gets, for stronger colors use as is.

Spill Proof Paint Containers for Added Security

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I can see why Melissa and Doug toys are so popular they think of nearly everything. Everyone knows how easy it is to spill paints and little hands intent on creation are even more likely to spill it. These containers are spill proof. Yay! Makes mums and dads lives that much easier.

Easel Supplies Video for the Melissa and Doug Easel

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Plenty of Paper for Creative Hands

I just love that there's 75 feet of paper! Sounds a lot doesn't it, but I bet anyone with kids knows just how quickly they get through it!

The paper is great; however some soaking may happen if your child likes to use a very wet technique. It is best to use on the easel or a table expectantly for art.

Accessories are for the Melissa and Doug Art Easel

The accessories go perfectly with the Melissa and Doug art easel. They are high quality and also very durable and you get a lot for your money. It is really best if you get the easel either first or at the same time as the accessories.

Melissa & Doug Art Supplies

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The Melissa and Doug Easel on Amazon

If you haven't already you might like to check out the easel that this set goes with.

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