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metal cutting to exacting standards

Updated on January 12, 2013

metal heads unite!

The science of burr free tube cutting is one that can be practiced by only a select few of companies. This is due to the tremendous precision required to achieve the strictest of tolerances, the shortest or longest of lengths, diameters and so on. Those intrepid souls in the metal cutting trade specialize in all types of burr free tube cutting. With metal cutters there is no room for unwanted burrs.

The company goes to great lengths to assure that their customers receive the utmost in quality and workmanship in every phase of its operations. No matter how small or large an order, painstaking attention to detail is maintained and monitored throughout each phase of every project.

Building upon years of experience in the metal cutting trade, the company has developed state of the art Abrasive Cutoff machinery and processes. With these and other exclusive proprietary technologies they are able to eliminate burrs through computerized cutting pressure control.

The damaging effects of burrs can become a source of major expense for firms that demand accuracy and attention to detail in all phases of their operations. Today's tight budgets require the most efficient use of materials, with an approach that minimizes waste, in order to maintain and maximize profit margins.

For example:

  • coated parts are cut without damage to the critical surface coating
  • any ID of coated tubes can be cut without harming the OD coating
  • The metal cutting pro's linear in-feed encoding achieves the tightest tolerances available, the first time
  • any tube ID can be cut while still preserving the integrity of the ID

As if those in the manufacturing industry don't have enough to be concerned about. A new section of the Dodd-Frank act requires an independent private sector audit of certain minerals used in production, like gold, tin and tungsten, to name a few. This can require sifting through mountains of red tape. As a service to its customers, the company handles all of this documentation when they supply the materials for a given project.

Look for a trusted global supplier, like the Metal Cutting Corporation, who will never cut such corners. In order to expedite customer orders, large inventories of materials are always kept on hand. So as to speed deliveries to their valued customers.

This highlights the need for buyers to be more judicious than ever. When qualifying a vendor to perform any type of mission critical metal cutting, like burr free tube cutting, consider how long that company has been around. Those in the metal cutting profession are the established leaders in burr free tube cutting.

They should be Qmed certified as a qualified supplier to the Medical Device Industry. Whose exacting standards are well known. Furthermore, they should also be 9001 Certified by the International Standards Organization and can adapt to any customer specific unit of measure.

In addition, thanks to decades of sourcing experience and an unmatched network of suppliers built up over the years, what is not kept on hand can be supplied to demand. Customers are always free to supply their own materials.

In the metal cutting profession, metal cutting serves companies large and small with precision burr free tube cutting, 4-Axis Computed Numerical Control Machining and Electrical Discharge Machining, to mention just a few of their comprehensive metal cutting and manufacturing services.

Metal cutting in the real world, needs real time experience that is so necessary to deliver high quality metal cutting on time and on budget. That has made them the go to metal cutter for fulfilling the most stringent of burr free tube cutting requirements for the; medical and biotechnology professions, the automotive industry, electronics, semiconductor and fiber optic companies, the aerospace industry and all manner of other disciplines.

That's why, for your manufacturing and production needs, like burr free tube cutting, Metal Cutting needs to meet or exceed your expectations for quality and service on each and every order.


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      William E Krill Jr 5 years ago from Hollidaysburg, PA

      I'm pretty sure it is spelled 'profit'.