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Updated on April 3, 2016

Blue Screen

Morris Ganis:

I did these monochrome paintings which concept is that they are blue screens. Blue Screens are a soft light blue surface that on video post production can be activated to dissolve another moving image that replaces the existing light blue color.

Twitter monochrome paintings


Are you really just restating this 50 to 100 year old idea? Unlike most of our viewers, I've taken Art History 301 and 401 and am well familiar with these tired old sales pitches about "realism" that, since Malevich in 1905, have hidden behind a veneer of intellectual and class-based elitism ..."I can't help it if you are not sophisticated enough to understand my work."
Edwin Loftus: From what you say it sounds like part of your motive is to use paint on a surface to create an object that is not pretending to be anything other than paint on a surface and I take it that the many layers involved help build a physical texture that you feel helps to reinforce this.The selection of color is inspired by the effect of random electrons activating pixels on a
television screen that is not receiving a signal and I'm guessing that this repeats the theme of the reality of paint on a surface, reminding us, the viewers, that a television screen is an assemblage of electronically activated pixels of sensitive material and not whatever image may be playing created by an organized activation of those pixels.Am I correct? Morris Ganis: I studied at Bezalel Academy for Art and Design,the degree was a Bachelor of Fine Art.When I started the second year classes I requested from my painting class teacher Larry Abramson to attend a Video course instead of the painting lesson with the excuse that I see painting as moving pictures.By the end of the year my professor produced at the video department a movie interviewing students about their plans in the future.We used a blue screen photographic plotter at the same color with these canvases and recorded our thoughts for "The Future" symposium and it was projected while the lectures where taking place.When I did those paintings I was thinking of the computer screen when you plug in.


Blue Screen

I think that the conceptual argument around the painted canvas is not relative for these works,I used this canvases and painted my ideas in for a long period until I decided to erase them as a matter of fact like the painter of houses does.The only chance that these paintings are transformed to a computer screen is that they keep this hue of color light blue and it is not accidental that this is the background they use at TV in order to make up the space where the speaker appears. These paintings represent the blue background of Twitter because it is a development of site. I want to show the clear sky where into it we develop and project our dreams and feelings. Also it represents the phrase "to eat the canvas" and refers to the need we have for the silence instead of noisy pictures that we see in masses.


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