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Organic Gifts By Diana's Zazzle store

Updated on October 9, 2014

Looking for fun and creative gift ideas ?

I now have a Organic Gifts By Diana Zazzle store so I can design and sell items that will compliment what I make and sell in my main online eCrater and in my Hubbard, Ohio Gift Shop.

Some of these items are made from organic cotton.

All of the items are top quality.

There are gifts for the all of the people on your list.

Gifts for the office.

Even gifts for the dogs.

There are business cards for natural perfumers and soapmakers too so you can let folks know about your natural product business.

I will be adding more to my main store

and in my Zazzle store - so keep checking on them.

The items that I designed for my Zazzle store are a nice addition to my handmade items

I sometimes get requests for other gift items, but I just don't have the time or the room here to make them.

So, I found this wonderful place where I can use my photographs and other ideas to create using my own designs.

So, these items will not be not handmade by me, but they are designed by me.

By the time I would order the shirts and mugs... and then the machines to add the designs to them - even if I could afford all of that - where on earth could I put them here at my little Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop as we are packed full from rafters to floor already :)

So, designing my own line of gifts for the Zazzle company was the next best thing !

If you go and take a look at my Zazzle store, you will find some of my designs for doggie shirts, tote bags, aprons for adults and for kids, mouse pads for the computer, ceramic mugs and stainless steel travel mugs, T-shirts, sweat shirts, wedding planner binders, invitations, greeting cards, save the date cards, business card designs, key chains... and so much more.

You can order the items as-is or you can add your own information and personalize them.

You can even remove my designs if you like and design your own items instead !

Other nice Zazzle stores...

visit my friends' stores too

I have several online friends who I have known for years on various groups and forums and I know that these are good, honest, hardworking folks.

They have made up their own designs as well and from what I have seen so far, they are awesome !

So, after you have seen what I have in my little store and have shared it everywhere because you love my stuff, please take a few minutes to have a look at some of these too.

This friend of mine goes on cruises so often that she is an expert about what you need and tips on how to show it the best - So, get your cruise and vacation related items here:

This friend of mine is a REAL photographer and takes just beautiful photos and shows them so well here:

This is another of my online buddies. She has SO many great ideas and tips that you just have to see what she has to offer here:

Most popular items

I had so much fun designing these and will be making more from some of other photographs and the ideas in my head when I get some time.

I am open to design themes and design ideas - as long as I CAN do it and it somewhat fits into my wheelhouse of natural and organic and pets... - and I have the time to design the items for you.

If you would like a certain theme, other floral designs, other cat or dog... designs, different colors or if you have some other ideas for me - then please let me know here.

Also, did you know that if you like my designs but wish to change the background color, shirt/mug... color and/or add a few words or your own photo or slogan... then you can do that ?

Well, you sure can - so maybe try going in and playing around with the Zazzle design tools yourself and tweaking one of mine to make it more personal for you by adding names or dates or whatever to the products that you want before you buy them.

So far, the most popular items that I have designed have been anything with lavender flowers on it and my "Soapmakers are Bubbly !" business cards and T-shirts that they wear when they are at craft shows and community fundraisers to promote a more natural way of living !

Many folks seem to love my other stuff too that features the pictures of flowers that I took and the other soapmakers and natural perfumers love the business card ideas that I came up with for craft shows and other events to promote natural products.

I hope you like my designs :)

Diana's hand sewn doogie jacket - in progress
Diana's hand sewn doogie jacket - in progress

Not on Zazzle, but at my Hubbard, Ohio Gift Shop

coming soon...

My newest hand-sewn items = doggie jackets

These will be just like my eye mask pillows and neck/travel pillows in that they will all be sewn by hand and made to be a one-of-a-kind creations.

This one is in a size small and has one sleeve done and attached and the edging on the body.

I am just adding the edging to the other sleeve-to-be. I still have to sew the elastic to the under neck/chest area to hold it more snugly to the dog and I have to attach the second sleeve after I get the edging on it.

I also still need to add the Velcro sections that will keep he jacket together over the dog's back and to embroider my logo on it.

Stay tuned ;)

* For now, these will only be available for sale at my Hubbard, Ohio gift shop.

I may (someday, later on) offer them for sale in one or more of my online stores.

Stop by my little gift shop soon if you're nearby to see my handmade items and the stuff that the other 16 vendors bring in to sell.

Diana's Gift Shop

6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road

Hubbard, Ohio

So, which of my designs do you like the most ?

Is it one of the doggie shirts or perhaps the all natural soap maker business cards... ?

Do you have anything that you'd like to see me create if/when I get a chance ?

As I said in the other paragraph here, I just haven't had the chance to get to this as I lost my Mom and now am running her gift shop all by myself.

I will be designing more items... - Do you have any requests ?

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