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My Imagekind Store Front for Purchasing Images and Mounted Prints

Updated on March 7, 2013

My Imagekind Storefront page for Photographic Art

This site is one of the first ones I used to showcase some of my photo-art. What I like about the site is you can order just the image file for download, or get a complete finished product complete with a custom frame. I have many genres of art here-so feel free to take a look and come back often for newly added images.

Aluminum Sunset

Unbelievable color in this photograph-Jackson Hole Wyoming after a thunderstorm had passed, and the sky was clearing at sunset. Clicking on the picture will take to my J Thomas Duke Photography website, directly to the page with the limited edition print.

A Door to a Fixer Up

Found this little fixer-upper on my way to the Big Bend area of southwest Texas. She's ready for a move in.

War Eagle! - Aubie


OK I know this isn't on subject but I love the Auburn Tigers and want to say War Eagle and congratulations on winning the BCS Championship game January 10th! Go Cam Newton-Ist round in the NFL draft LOL!

Nikon or Canon

What equipment is better-Nikon or Canon?

Vote for the Best Professional Camera Brand

See results

My Model Photos - This is an example of my glamor photography

The Lonstar Flag with Windmill

Taken at the Austin Rodeo in 2012. .. .

A Pretty Poser

This pretty guy posed for me at the zoo. . . .

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