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My Wood Shop Years

Updated on June 27, 2014

I love creating!


When I was in elementary school, the town I lived in had a free music and art summer program. I had always loved arts and crafts, so I enrolled in the program. In addition to pen and ink, ceramics, stained glass, knitting and sewing (among other things), I took classes in wood shop. I wasn't the only girl in the class, but I was the only girl who really got into the work, really wanted to create and used the tools (including the electric jigsaw and band saw). I created step stools and 7-up can lamps (the latter of which I sold, along with knitted and crocheted Barbie doll clothes, at a local concession store). I love working with wood -- I compared it to sewing, just with another medium. In both, you use a pattern and cut out pieces and in both you connect the pieces (in one with stitches and in the other with nails and glue).

When I was in college, I worked a series of short lived part time jobs. One of those jobs was teaching Wood Shop to 4th and 5th grade girls once a week. I would cut all the wood myself, before the class, and have the pieces ready for the girls to sand (I was very strict about sanding -- I once substituted for the boys' teacher, named Ezra, and they boys balked when I asked them to sand -- they said Ezra never made them sand. So I put my hand on my hip and said, "Do I look like Ezra?" -- They sanded their pieces) and glue together (no hammer and nails in this class). It was fun and I really liked the girls.

I don't have the opportunity these days to create with wood. Today, I'm trying to teach myself to design clothing and I also create jewelry. I hope that some day I will again be able to work with wood.

My Corner Shelf

Over the course of my Wood Shop years, I wanted to create interesting pieces. I also used these pieces, at times, for gifts (since I could never afford to buy gift for friends and family). At one point, I decided to make something nice for my sister. So I set out to make a corner shelf. My teacher gave me some of the nicest wood he had and helped me design and create the shelf. I gave it to my sister and she loved it.

When my sister got married and moved away, though, she no longer wanted the corner shelf and I needed it (as you can see from the picture), so I adopted it. I still have it in my room.

Are you a woodworker? - Or would you like to be?

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