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Native American Crafting

Updated on August 9, 2015

Native American Indians have been crafting for centuries!

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts shares about Native Traditions and Culture as applied to Native Indian Crafts.

Native Americans have been crafting for centuries and beyond. Basically all their clothes were also crafted from hides. For summer wear most hides were scrapped clean of fur, and for winter they kept the fur on but reversed the wearing so the fur was against the body to keep heat in.

The Art painting is Native American artwork by Bob: Titled "Island Walk" believed to be the final walk across the waters after death.

Stamped to protect Copy Protection from printing. We thought you might enjoy the painting.

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In Native languages there are no words for "Thank You", rather Native Indians nodded their heads.

In this tradition, we "NOD" our head for your visit.

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My Crafts!

My name is Trulee Ann "Standlee" Wells and I hand craft all my items. I am a Medicine Woman. I hope you enjoy scrolling through my creations and designs. At Native American Pow Wows I am available to make quick fixes to Regalia. One year, I was honored when they brought me a downed Eagle Feather during activities in the Circle and I was able to repair it and have it returned to the Circle. This was a blessing from Creator and Mother Earth.

May you enjoy viewing a wonderful showing of my crafting of Native American items.


Fire Rings and the Native American Culture

Native American Tradition and the use of Fire Rings:

It is a gathering of rising of smoke and the sending of thoughts and prayers to the Great Spirit (oitchi manido ) The fire base is started: As the ceremony begins: A medicine man or woman adds 7 woods unto the fire and special gifts of the Earth like tobacco, sweet grass, acorns, pine cones, sage and flower petals, and even seeds. First the offering is held to each of the Winds of the Earth and then placed into the fire. The Fire Ring is now blessed and the people can send their personal gifts to ( Mide manido ) Grand Medicine spirit through the fire, and even the evils of the world they no longer desire to bare as they walk. Healing s and the gathering and sharing of the miracle of the smoke also are shared: The Fire Ring is a cleansing to the family and that is why family groups hold them also on a regular basis and are started by the families elder who add the 7 woods, and the special gifts to the Great Medicine Spirit. Greater Fire Rings held by Medicine Men are for all who desire to participate. It is a Ceremony! Many are also personally invited by the Medicine Man who asks of each one a special secret gift for the Fire Ring from each one invited that they must bring from Mother Earth to honor all their forefathers, and to make the Fire Ring personal upon their family so their thoughts and prayers arise in the smoke. Sadly, many have forgotten the tradition and Spiritual meaning and need of gwav-ah-ko mi-kA-nA>h and the Fire Ring for their self and their families. But, this also is now changing as Traditions return upon the People. As the Miracles are renewed and eyes open and ears once more hear the feet of the deer among the dried leaves. It is changing as One Blood once more holds the truth near.

So says: Wha-O Chee Medicine Man of the Bear Clan

Bald Eagles over Arkansas City

A sharing of what we saw!

American Bald eagles were playing over the Arkansas City Fire Department building and we had the pleasure of sitting and watching them from our swing. One flew below tree tops and swirled directly over our head, and not more than 30 feet above us.

We spotted them around 6pm and enjoyed watching three American Bald Eagles play in the air. While watching we believe it was a pair with a new yearling. We watched as one came swooping down at the smallest from a great height with claws barred. It pulled back only inches from the yearling's beak with wings acting like brakes and uplift. Spectacular to see!

I suspect it was the Mother trying to teach hunting ways to the yearling. The one we believe was the male stood way higher in the air watching the other two gliding, and diving around the Fire Department building. We watched them until just before 7pm when they all flew due Southeast, and out of range for our binoculars.

A blessing! Annlee

Hray-Mah Jesus Christ is Coming! (HRAY MAH Book 1)
Hray-Mah Jesus Christ is Coming! (HRAY MAH Book 1)
Hray-Mah is the Spoken Word of the Creator sent to man upon the Earth. A companion guide to understanding your Bible. In the End Times the Lord said knowledge would be increased and all would be made known. The End Times are upon us! The Bible is for the FAITHFUL! As Christians today we as individuals have forgotten that we are called to learn for ourselves with the Comforter. Who is the Indwelling Spirit (The Teacher of All Things). I remain amazed when so many know the Lord's Prayer: And yet, how so few have ever read or heard of the special prayers Jesus gave ONLY to those following him. Nonetheless, they are in the New Testament. And, they are not spoken of from the pulpits? Why? These are the end days spoken of by the Lord. Trumpets are sounding. Behold! Jesus Christ is Coming! Amen and Amen Bob authored the Hray-Mah series of 3 books: Which as a guide to your favorite Bible translation opens the Word for every reader and is a simple companion study guide for every serious Bible Study searching for exactly what Jesus said unto us all. Behold he is Coming! The "WORD" of God first comes from hearing. When one first hears they start pondering within. Trying inside to figure is this real or unreal? As I see it: The Bible is for the FAITHFUL….. Without Jesus one has no faith and thus no way to comprehend or share correctly the BIBLE. Without FAITH anything that comes out and talked about the WORD by the unfaithful is incorrect. WE are free from the PAINS OF DEATH….NOT FROM DEATH ITSELF Scriptures technically teach nothing to those without the Spirit: THE TEACHER IS THE SPIRIT…and the Spirit is Jesus, and without Jesus as Lord there is no knowledge of the scriptures. Thus as it is written they speak as fools who have not the Lord and Comforter. Trying if possible to fool those WHO DO KNOW THE LORD. We are further moved that to understand or know the WORD that it takes the Teacher of All Things, and without the Teacher We understand to be the Comforter no wisdom of knowledge Is applicable as dictated by the WORD we do have to comprehend. The Comforter is a "FREE GIFT" that comes from one Asking The Lord into their life as Savior: For He is the Way…The doorway to the Creator. We understand no other doorway exists for a human to Talk and Know their Creator. As Christians ( or even non-believers) today we face so many denominations and named churches each sharing the Good News from the pulpits: Yet! We as individuals have forgotten that we each are called to learn for ourselves with the Comforter who is the Teacher of the Word of God that God shared through writers inspired by the Spirit to write the scriptures and stories we now accept as Inspired as the Bible. Throughout the world the Bible is in every language and many translations, and yet in every single one the Precept and Concept brought forth by the Indwelling Spirit ( The Teacher of All Things, and the Comforter Gift) to every writer and contributor to the Holy Word is always intact. No translation can change the Concept and the Precept as it was granted by the Father through the Spirit and revealed by the Son of God, whom is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Jesus opened the simple pathway to know the Father. I am amazed when so many know the Lord's Prayer Jesus gave us all to pray: And yet, so few have ever read or heard of the special prayers Jesus gave ONLY to those following him. Nonetheless, these prayers are in the New Testament in every translation in the world. And, they are not spoken of from the pulpits? Why? Go read for yourself and then enter your prayer chamber with the Creator and ask what you were simply missing and why? These are the end days spoken of by the Lord, and we as Christians must be prepared and send out the Trumpets Sounding. Behold! Jesus Christ is Coming! Amen and Amen Theology is simply the individual studying of the Word and sharing what you have studied in its ground roots form. You can do this! Be a Good Shepard and Steward of the Word. Ask and you shall receive…Seek and you shall find…Knock and the door shall be opened unto you…Amen and Amen Jesus revealed NO ONE CAN FULFILL THE LAW…that is why Jesus overcame the Law and gave us FAITH and the doorway of His Shed Blood rather than the Law which NO ONE CAN LIVE BY. Are you watching for His return?.. The "Hray-Mah" books will guide you back to the First Love and is a companion guide to YOUR favorite translation of the Bible.

Walking Silent in the Native American Ways

By Wha-O-Chee

Learning to " Walk Silent "

Silent Walker: Once was man, whom mother earth tried to teach to walk silent within the woods. But, man always stirred the leaves. Man asked of mother: "Why do leaves still still?" Mother responded: "Because you have yet to divide yourself."

Man pondered and considered the silent walk path. Thus, the man began to renew his soul and walked with eyes stretched to visit the hawk and eagle, and to look beyond the trees, the forest and the earth itself: Began man to journey in walk to see what silent had to say! Lo and behold: One marvelous day: THE MAN WALKED AS THE SILENT WALKER. Mother said, " Now you have found the way of insight and knowledge: One stone away".



Native Tradition shares with us: THIS GREAT TRUTH!

That no man has the right to tell another man what to do.

We can share our Wisdom and Knowledge only When asked.

If you enjoyed learning these truths please share the article with friends and family.....

Thank you!

Picture stones!

Native Culture has always held picture stones as a great gift from Mother Earth and Creator.

A picture stone can be held as very sacred and a special gift to the medicine people.

Long ago before the night sky's became clouded with light made by man to outshine the stars.

A story was told of an old wise Medicine Man named Mugwa who one day was sitting along a running stream which ran uphill watching the ants working so very hard. Mugwa had heard a great lesson could be found by watching the ants?

Suddenly, Mugwa heard a vision that said.... Look at the stones!

Hearing this vision..., Mugwa began to search the stones around him and one caught his eye. Upon picking it up he saw a picture of Katonka (The Buffalo) upon the stone, and knew then the humor of the Creator, and the wonder of the gift from Mother Earth.

To this day Medicine men and Medicine woman have had the gifts of Picture Stones given to them by Mother Earth. Each having its' own story and great power of insight upon the stones. Some even feel warm as some even feel cold. Creators' humor is upon each stone crafted from The Hand which holds us all as One Blood and One Nation. Even today Warriors receive gifts of Picture Stones from the medicine people.

I am Wha-O Chee (Bear Standing )

[ of the Mide manido ("Grand Medicine spirit") ] {Eternal Medicine


And I share to the Nations that which I have received: Every stone has been cleansed and stood upon the Fire Ring Every picture stone has been within the smoke of the tobacco. Picture stones are good medicine!

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Sells all Native American Indian pow wow and dance style items, including

seed beaded earrings, and regalia jewelry hand-crafted in traditional styles to the Native American Nation.

My seed beaded crafts are not an assembly line, and most you will find offered here are a "LIMIT OF ONE" simply because they are "hand assembled" and not mass produced. My earrings are for the distinctive addition to personal Native Regalia. Our beading is for the wearing in the Dance Circle or for personal choice of the buyer. If you find one you like I suggest considering order it before it is gone.

Welcome! We are a small family owned business.

To-Day beaded copies of designs are made commercially and in great numbers and yet there still are some traditional Medicine People who do hand-craft and create cultural styled regalia jewelry which is not commercially mass produced but are each hand crafted the traditional ways.

You can find real bead designer at Pow Wows by simply asking if they can craft YOU a Special Order item with the bones and decorations YOU PICK. If they can you discovered a real traditional bead designer and not a mass produced seller. It is like a REAL SEED ARTIST who can create a Special Order design of YOUR CHOICE of colored seed beads to use in the finished pattern item. Mass produced people whom are simply sellers cannot do this simple test? Hand-crafting is a learned skill and it is an art of Culture and Traditions. And, please remember just as you go to work expecting a living wage in these days: So does a genuine traditional bead designer deserve the same concept and respect of their Mother Earth gifted abilities. WE ARE REAL GENUINE REGALIA ARTISTS..You like one of my designs but desire different colors...We can do that!

You have found a real Traditional bead designer To-Day!

In any go bar: Type in: Annlee Cakes. com

Crafting a pow wow rosette

Native Indian Wedding drop necklace recreation.


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