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Organize Your Sewing Space

Updated on September 9, 2014
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Best Tips For Getting Your Sewing Space Organized

If you sew either as a hobby or just occasionally, you know that you collect a lot of tools, thread needles, pins and more. You may have a room for your sewing, just a table or simply store your sewing materials in a closet. No matter how much space you a lot for your sewing, it is important to keep it organized. You will enjoy your sewing a lot more if it is all neat, clean and organized.

Look at the things that you may have in your house that can be repurposed for your space

Before Your Get Started

Really look at the designated craft space for your sewing supplies. Make a drawing of the space and measure each section of the space. You have to know the amount of permanent space before you get started with your plans

Reasons To Organize Your Sewing Room

Ugh, my sewing basket where I store the majority of my supplies is a mess ! Half the time when I need things I spend more time looking for them and have less time to get my project done. Getting all my sewing supplies organized helped me save a lot of time !

  • Having my sewing supplies organized means I spend less time looking for things and more time crafting
  • I save money because I know what I have I had the habit of buying duplicate tools, because I did not even know what I owned
  • A messy sewing area distracts what you want to get done and you mentally don't want to be in that space

Amazing Sewing Room Organization Ideas

Serously Look At All Your Sewing Supplies And Equipment

Lay them all out. Decide what you want to keep and what you might like to get rid of or give away. You know that to get organized, the first step is to look at what you have. Box your giveaways to donate to a group that may be able to use them. Bag the materials that you are getting rid of.Don't go any further till you take this important step.

Zip Lock Bag Organizers

I love the idea of using zip lock bags in all my organization projects. No matter how many bins or storage units you have, these bags are perfect to put it all together. I can put extra thread, needles, scissors, measuring tools and more bagged together. With one marker, I can write on them what they are. Best of all, I can see inside the bags ! They come in sizes from snack size, perfect for small notions to gallon bags-perfect for storing patterns !

Altoid Tins

Perfect Little Storage Units

I love Altoids and always have them in my purse. Those little tins are perfect for storing needles and small notions. Now I know exactly where all my needles are. They fit in your sewing box or any drawer. You could decorate them with a little Modge Podge and some fabric, or just take your label gun and label them. Either way, it's a perfect way to organize all your small stuff !

Step One- Get Your Thread Organized - Spend Time With Your Spools

If you do nothing else to organize your sewing area, just doing this one thing will take you into the organized zone. We all collect thread and having your thread organized will show you exactly what you have. It is a must task for every sewer !

Step Two-Organize Your Bobbins - Stop The Bounching Bobbin Syndrome

You know those bobbins are either laying in a box or bobbing around your sewing basket. It's time to find out what you have and get them all together

Organizing Your Sewing Patterns

  • Sort and catagorize all your patterns You can be as specific as you want. The number of catagories is up to you

Rolling Carts-Great Sewing Organization Idea - Keep Them In Your Craft Room Or In A Closet

A rolling cart is the perfect alternative for storage and organization. You can opt to keep it in your craft room or roll it into a closet. They can be used to hold other organizers, bolt of cloth, your sewing name it.

How Organized Is Your Sewing Space?

Is your sewing space organized?

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Great Idea From The Seasoned Homemaker
Great Idea From The Seasoned Homemaker

Keep Your Sewing Area Clean

Picking Up Loose Threads

I saw this idea and had to add it here, because it was so very smart. The Seasoned Homemaker took a very small paint roller -about two dollars and put a hair curler on top. Guess what? It picks up all of your loose threads ! Click on the picture to see exactly how she did it !

More Sewing Room Organization ideas

  • Use wire basketsI love wire baskets for all my craft storage. They are sturdy and usually have handles that make them easy to move.
  • Use a peg board where you can If you have dedicated space, a peg board is the perfect solution. You can sow and see all your tools and supplies. Peg board can also be used on the inside of a closet door or along a wall inside a closet
  • Repurpose clear jars to hold your buttons One of my favorite thing to do while I watch TV is to sort my buttons. I put them in clear jars that I have decorated. They look great on my shelves and I can find the exact color I need
  • Put your magazines in a wall mounted rack If you don't have space Make magazine holders from cereal boxes covered with paper
  • If you have the space, incorporate a bookcase into your design. You can place your folded material, magazines and other supplies. This works in any sized space, even a closet
  • Purchase a cabinet to match your d├ęcor You can store your sewing equipment and supplies and they will not be seen. Great idea for small areas
  • Use photo storage boxes to store tools and notions These can often be purchased on sale. Just make sure to label every box
  • Use a muffin tin to store small notions and tools I have used this idea in my paper craft area and it is an inexpensive idea that works well in a drawer
  • If you have a desk, store your patterns in hanging file folders. You can organize them by labeling the folder.
  • Store things like rick rack, zippers, bias tape ect. in see through mason jars

Sewing Room Organization Article Directory

Here are my favorite sewing room organization articles from my favorite list. Hope you enjoy them too.

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