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Unique Panoramic Art by Jeff Schomay

Updated on January 30, 2011

Original Framed Panoramic Art Posters and Framed Canvas Prints

Thank you for visiting my gallery of panoramic photography fine art. As an artist and photographer, my vision is to capture unique and creative perspectives in ways that other people do not often notice. I begun taking panoramic photographs of striking images I came across on my travels in many ares around the word, particularly in Europe and the tropics. I usually focus on photographs of interesting architecture or beautiful landscapes or seascapes, and always make sure to capture a creative point of view for a piece of unique art.

For years I have displayed my panoramic art on my own walls for decor. Whenever friends or visitors come to my home they see my wall art and always want to get a closer look. Often they ask me if my cool artwork is for sale, so I have made my original artwork into high quality, large scale, fine art photography posters and framed art canvas prints available for purchase online. Most of these panoramic images are large art prints, up to six feed wide! They look great on the wall for your home decor or as wall art for an office or business. Your visitors will definitely take notice of these framed art prints, whether you get a poster or canvas print, and you will be proud to have them as part of your own art collection.

You can buy my original panoramic art from my online gallery. Each piece is fully customizable, and I recommend the framed panoramic posters and framed panoramic canvas prints of each photograph.

I hope you enjoy my unique artwork and am honored if you decide to buy my photographic art to use in your own home decor or as office wall art. Please say hello and share you comments or questions below.

Jeff Schomay

All designs are copyright Jeff Schomay

Jeff Schomay the artist of panoramic photographs
Jeff Schomay the artist of panoramic photographs

About Jeff Schomay

Meet the artist

Jeff Schomay is an artist who focuses on capturing unique perspectives on the world around him. He specializes in unique panoramic photographs as fine art pieces. Many of his panoramic photos come from his travels and his subjects often are either landscapes or seascapes, or architecture.

His artwork is available at his Fine Art America Gallery, hisPanoramic Gallery Homepage, and his Panorama Arts eBay store.

Thank you for your patronage!

His other interests and pursuits include film, screenwriting, juggling, teaching, graphics, travel and hockey.

Featured Panoramic Art

Each original panoramic picture is available for sale

Below are many of the panoramic prints Jeff Schomay is currently displaying. Each of these large scale prints can be bought in different sizes, frames, mattes, and print types. If you like what you see, please consider ordering a print for your home or office! Thank you for viewing.

Click on any of the images to see them larger on a new page.

Panoramic Photograph of Paris Fine Art Print

Unique 360 Degree Panoramic Image of Paris

Unique panoramic photograph of Paris by Jeff Schomay, capturing an interesting perspective of the city buildings and streets . This panoramic art is unlike other pictures of Paris! I took this picture from 24 individual shots taking in 360 degrees, then stitched the panorama together.

Panoramic picture of Paris

Buy this Panoramic Print

This panoramic photograph can be printed up to over six feet wide! It looks particularly good as a framed poster and even better as a framed canvas print. This panoramic picture of paris is perfect large scale wall art for your home decor or in an office or business. Click the picture to purchase.

This panoramic seascape photograph is a unique piece of art as it is a vertical panoramic photo capturing a starfish under the ocean waves near the bottom of the print, then fades up into the distance, showing the ocean shoreline, an island in the water, a couple walking along the beach, and the beautiful blue tropical sky above.

This panoramic beach photo was taken by Jeff Schomay in the Bahamas at one of the top ten beaches in the world. The beach was lined with live starfish and the beautiful ocean waves and panoramic view made this a perfect picture of paradise.

This ocean beach panorama is available for sale as a large scale framed panoramic poster or art print on canvas or paper. The dimensions range up to 30" x 10". Buy this original panoramic art piece for your home decor or as art for an office or business. You will enjoy this unique framed art print and your visitors are bound to comment on its uniqueness.

This is a photograph of the New York Manhattan skyline, taken from the top of the Empire States Building. It has a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline and skyscrapers below, with a characteristic and perfectly framed pigeon perched right in front of my camera also looking at the view of New York. I know it's not a panoramic picture like my other work, but it still captures a unique perspective, so I included it here with my other panoramic photographs.

This skyline of Manhattan photograph is available as a New York skyline print. It can be framed and matted and looks great as office artwork as well as for your home decor.

Available in many styles and sizes.

A unique ocean panorama photograph I took in the Bahamas showing the approaching storm clouds over a deep blue ocean. The clouds are reflected in the surf on the beach to make this a beautiful panoramic photo.

Available in many styles and sizes.

I took this picture in a small town named Cheski Krumlov in the Czech Republic when travelling through. The unique photographing method created a very interesting distortion effect, and allows the picture to be hung in any direction. A truly unique piece of art.

Panoramic Artwork by Jeff Schomay Currently on Auction - Check my eBay postings for good deals

I also sell many of my panoramic photographs as poster prints or framed canvas prints on eBay. Stop by, check the bid price, or make me an offer!

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my panoramic art. I'm always happy to hear from you.

Guestbook - Please leave your comments, critiques, and questions for me

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    • profile image

      desogw 7 years ago

      great images used on this lens! nice! would love to have that sofa (the white one), rawr. great lens! - 5*

    • jschomay profile image

      jschomay 7 years ago

      @myraggededge: Thanks! I'll keep adding more as I get more of my work together! Any suggestions on a better way to show the images larger? The aspect ration makes it hard to fit elegantly. I could add an open in new window link to the image maybe. Any other suggestions for improvement anyone? Thanks all. Jeff

    • profile image

      myraggededge 7 years ago

      Would love to see some of these a bit bigger! I can see that this is going to be a really excellent lens in due course, so in anticipation of that, have a blessing :-)

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Good luck! As a musician I know how important it is to get word out about creative projects! SEO is a factor, but social networking is probably just as important. Nice lens too so I hope it gets lots of hits. :)

    • Nicky2Time profile image

      Nicky2Time 7 years ago

      Very cool.Creative types like you will absolutely thrive with the help of the Internet. I checked out your blog and traveled through your various interests. The Lenticular imaging sounds very interesting. Keep it up Jeff

      Just typed 'ubergoop'